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Coastal water quality challenge, a local example.

I live and work on an island and water quality and climate resilience is a key topic for environmental groups working in the area. I would like to offer this very local example of student engagement through a STEM challenge for our group to consider. How can this example be applied to the area you live in or the audience you work with?

This is something I'm dealing with in my master's program. I'm currently assessing the United Nations sustainable development goal number 14 titled Life Under Water. This goal is specifically about the sustainable protection and use of the ocean's resources. I've been tasked with finding a local connection to this SDG. Since I am adjacent to Lake Erie and the great lakes drain into the Atlantic ocean I would love to explore more our connection to the ocean through the Great Lakes watershed. I do not believe that students know about this connection and I would love to engage a STEM activity that addresses this.

What age group are you interested in working with? That may help narrow down the types of activities you explore.
We do a watershed activity with middle schoolers that can be adapted up or down per the age group. I've included a link to a similar model. This one is quite expensive but you can look into cheaper alternatives or make your own.
It's intensive for an informal education setting but the feedback from the students and teachers we work with is excellent.
Hope this helps.