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Hello from your new group moderator! Introduce yourself!

Hello everyone!!

Welcome to the new Sustainable Communities eePRO group! My name is Angela Vincent and I am your new group moderator!

The Urban EE and Sustainable Communities merged to become this “Sustainable Cities & Communities” group.

I am excited to “meet” you all, share resources, and learn from you all as well!

Quick background on me...
I have a Master’s in Urban Sustainability from Antioch University Los Angeles. I work for the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle) as a Legislative Analyst. I work closely with our Office of Education and the Environmental which houses California’s Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) curriculum.

I also have a small business with my mom, centered around the children’s book and music we created entitled, Save Queen Green! Mother Nature’s Eco-Rhymes.

I am a honored and humbled to have been recently recognized as one of NAAEE’s 30 Under 30!

My current interests are in zero waste, environmental justice, service learning, and civic engagement.

Introduce yourself!
Please reply and let me know you are here!

Are you going to the conference?
“Sustainable Communities” is a broad topic. What brought you to this group/what are you interested in and/or looking for?
Fun fact:

Thanks for your interest in this group and I look forward to connecting with you all further!

Name: Joshua Boyle
Occupation: Teaching Aide, Environmental Educator, Guide
Location: Youngstown, OH
Are you going to the conference? Not sure
What brought me to this group is to network and expand my EE focus to sustainable communities as most of my work has been connecting kids and adults to nature while teaching EE.
Fun fact: I was once gnawed on by a black bear while sleeping on a backcountry trip I was leading with high schoolers

Name: Maureen Ferry
Job: Founder, HouseStories Inc
Mission: Engaging Youth with the Built Environment!
Am looking forward to the conference in a few weeks. My talk “Sustainable Cities: A Framework for 21st Century learning” will demonstrate a systems-thinking model that encourages interdisciplinary innovation. Its been so much fun testing with kids, I look forward to sharing the learning and also hearing from the attendees. Hope to meet you all there!

Name: R.J. Multari
Occupation: Assistant Dean and Adjunct Assistant Professor
Location: University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, NY
Are you going to the conference? not this year
“Sustainable Communities” is a broad topic. What brought you to this group/what are you interested in and/or looking for? As an instructor for "Intro to Urban Environments" and "Environmental Education and Urbanism" to undergraduate Architecture and Environmental Design students, I'm always looking for new content, material, and real-world examples to incorporate in my courses.
Fun fact: Originally from Youngstown, Ohio, and by living there, I wanted to become an urban planner/environmental urbanist.

The Field of Environmental Design
The Intersections of Environmental Design

Hello R.J.! Thanks for sharing & welcome to the new Sustainable Cities and Communities group. Perhaps we can create a relevant discussion thread as an assignment for your students...it would be interesting to get their insight on these topics as well! If interested in utilizing this platform for your students, please email me directly! avincent@antioch.edu