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Introducing: NASEF Farmcraft 2021

Introducing: NASEF Farmcraft 2021


Build the best farm, understand global conditions, and compete internationally. A new kind of game where you compete and learn in an international arena of science and technology. A U.S. Department of State supported, science-based esports event featuring Minecraft challenges and live online events.

Free to participate, plus certificates & HyperX headsets for winning schools!

What is NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021?

NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021 is a student challenge to successfully create farms and grow foods in Minecraft! Apply and adapt agricultural production techniques in different unique environmental biomes.

Dates: MARCH 1 – JUNE 1, 2021

Students will increase their understanding of agricultural approaches and technologies through:

Science-based Minecraft challenges
Informational videos prepared by experts in the field
Live online engagement events

Beyond the Game challenges
NASEF Farmcraft™ will equip educators to implement this engaging, Project-Based Learning (PBL) program, as well as support integrating the challenges into existing lesson plans. NASEF Farmcraft™ can help demonstrate content/concept mastery based on educational standards.

The NASEF Farmcraft™ 2021 program will focus on the interface between agriculture, the environment, and food security while examining the role of innovative technologies in sustainably feeding a growing world. Teams will create worlds and compete against each other as part of public diplomacy programming in cooperation with U.S. Missions. The goal of the challenges will be to create agricultural systems that mimic real-world production, trade, and environmental conditions. Winners will be selected based on quantifiable metrics (yield, environmental affects) within the competition biomes.

Requirements: Participation in this program is free! Need Wifi connection and CPU access (computer, tablet, smartphone). Teams with 2-4 members, plus an adult sponsor, are recommended. English required; fluency not necessary. Secondary school is the primary target. No geographic restriction.

Farmcraft is presented through a collaboration with NASEF, the U.S. Department of State, and American Spaces.