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Learn Scenarios Planning for Your Nonprofit or Community-Based Organization

Join the Harbinger Consultancy and David Moore from Moore Strategic for a three-session online video conference course starting January 25 to learn how to use scenarios to help you plan when uncertainty is high. (Sound familiar, anyone?)

COVID has turned the world inside out for many nonprofits and community-based organizations. If you feel like you’re caught in crisis mode, having to endlessly rethink programs, budgets, and staffing in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not alone. Maybe you’ve even given up on planning altogether, or feel like you’re in limbo, unable to venture a confident guess about the assumptions that would go into your usual planning approach.

The thing is, you know planning is critical to the success of your organization. And while you’re on the hamster wheel of planning, replanning, quitting, and starting again, making choices in the face of so much uncertainty may have become increasingly difficult, your programs and donor relationships could be suffering, and you might feel like it’s getting harder and harder to stay on mission with the one constant being change.

Scenario planning works better than traditional, linear planning approaches when uncertainty is high and the future seems unpredictable. This course will help you identify alternate future scenarios and conditions that could shape your work in very different ways; identify action steps that will be effective and relevant in a variety of these alternate situations; gain enough insight to make choices with confidence; and identify key inflection points to help you identify when changes in conditions signal a need to take change direction.

In this course, you will:

- Learn a straightforward scenario-planning process that you can apply right away, as the course goes along.

- Practice moving from a reactive, crisis stance to proactive forward-facing leadership.

- Understand how your organization is impacted by different emerging future possibilities.

- Identify strategies that can serve the organization well across a range of different future realities.

- Identify key indicators that may signal a need to change direction.

- Learn thinking strategies to organize and manage in highly uncertain times.

- Boost your confidence in your ability to guide your organization in different conditions.