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Research help needed

Hello Fellow Environmental Educator!

I am looking for some help....
I am wrapping up data collection for my PhD and the final piece of data to be collected is a short nation-wide survey about informal urban environmental educator practices. I have realized I am much more connected on the east coast than other regions of the country and would like my data to be representative of what is happening across the United States.

Since many of you do work in urban areas, I was curious if you could help me out and forward this info/survey to any folks on your staff or in your network that do EE in urban green spaces. Info is as follows:

This research is on the educational practices of informal environmental educators who teach in urban green space(s) and educators are needed to spend 5-10 minutes to take a short survey about their practice.

The criteria for participation in the survey are as follows:
A. Educator must be someone who actually teaches programs (no one who exclusively does administrative or management work)
B. Educator must be an informal educator (no classroom or formal teachers)
C. A portion of the educators' work happens in urban green space(s).
D. Educators' work must occur in the United States.

Here it the link to the survey. And of course I'd be happy to share any research findings with you once my process is compete.
Environmental Education in Urban Green Space: Informal educator practice in the United States Survey
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