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Sustainablility Resolutions

Happy New Year, Everyone! Anyone have any good sustainability/sustainable communities resolutions to share? I came across several lists this year (a few shared below) and wondered what else people were hoping to do in the new year. While resolutions are personal, collective action can inspire sustainability.

Hope 2022 is off to a good start for you - we look forward to engaging with you this year!

1. Fly less or carbon offset your travel
2. Read more books (about sustainability-related issues)
3. Go plastic-free: use reusable water bottles, bags, and utensils
4. Become vegan or eat less meat/dairy
5. Conserve water: shower less
6. Shop used and local
7. Decrease household food waste and/or compost
8. Swap one disposable product for a more sustainable alternative
9. Donate to organizations who are focused on conservation, the environment, and education
10. Be a smarter consumer (e.g., email/call the manager of stores/restaurants who use excessive plastic packaging)
11. Use your power as a voting constituent to influence policy with environmental impacts