Central Wisconsin Environmental Station Graduate Assistantship

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Amherst Junction, WI
United States

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During the academic year, graduate assistants assist course instructor(s) in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of the 4-credit NR 376/576 Practicum in Environmental Education and the 12-credit NR 482 Practicum in Environmental Education/Interpretation courses.  Both are taught at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.

During the summer, the graduate assistant will help to run summer camps and other programming at CWES. The graduate assistant will work as the Assistant Summer Camp Director their first summer and as Summer Camp Director their second summer.

Graduate Assistants will also be able to help develop new programming at CWES, including:

  • The Sunset Lake Conservation Program: a new effort to engage the surrounding community in conservation efforts, focusing on the removal of the aquatic invasive species Eurasian Watermilfoil
  • Green Team: a growing partnership with Tomorrow River Community Charter School, which is located on site alongside CWES. The goal of this program is to engage the school's middle and high school students in hands on environmental learning through community science, natural resource stewardship, and civic responsibility

The level and form of involvement in these and other programs at CWES will depend on the skills and interests of the graduate assistant 

Academic Year Responsibilities: 

Program Support:

  • Help undergraduate students develop confidence in their teaching and leadership abilities; help students reflect on their own teaching/leadership skills and offer suggestions for growth.
  • Provide leadership of daily practicum and/or evening teaching team as needed.
  • Act as liaison between visiting teachers and the CWES practicum students on daily/evening teaching teams. This includes providing teacher/chaperone orientations to help facilitate seamless field trip experiences for K-12 students.
  • Manage special projects that support NR 376/576 and NR 482 advancement.
  • Guide undergraduate students in lesson preparation by grading weekly lesson preps and facilitating debriefing sessions several days a week.
  • Teach environmental education programs weekly to visiting school groups.
  • Model environmental education teaching methods for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the practicum in an effort to assist the students in improving their own teaching abilities.
  • Assist Program Manager in training practicum students during three day mandatory training session before each semester begins.
  • Be an ambassador of the CWES and the UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources at conferences and job fairs.
  • Be an active member of the CWES Team by participating in staff meetings when available, assist in creation of publications, help coordinate special events, and other duties as assigned.

Hours: Average at least 20 hours/week throughout the academic year.

Summer Responsibilities:

Duties for Summer Camp Director & Assistant Summer Camp Director:

Summer Programming/Program Support

  • Work with administrative staff to develop, plan and market summer camps.
  • Required to live on site during June, July and August in private residence with other graduate assistant.
  • Assist in hiring summer staff by participating in job fairs, recruiting staff, interviewing candidates and conducting reference checks. 
  • Evaluate all summer camp programs and summer staff members.
  • Assist in delivering summer camp programs as needed including immediate coverage such as with a sick counselor.
  • Coordinate weekly schedules and logistics associated with programming and registration and departure days.
  • Work with CWES administrative staff to facilitate activities for private camps during the summer.  This may include coordinating use of equipment, waterfront or facilities.
  • Run the Trading Post (Assistant S.C. Director) including collecting camper money, stocking, reconciling sales and distributing remaining camper money at end of each week.
  • Create weekly DVD of each camp to be sold in Trading Post on departure day and for final slide show before lunch on last day. Collect photos and video from counselor naturalists throughout week to accomplish this.
  • Lead the two week staff training program with assistance from the CWES administrative staff.
  • Act as a liaison for CWES with Natural Resource Career camp speakers.
  • Facilitate evaluation of all summer camps.  Prepare end-of-summer evaluation with recommendations for following summer.
  • Work with CWES Program Manager to make sure all supplies are purchased two weeks before each camp begins.
  • Oversee inventory/maintenance of all summer camp equipment including lesson supplies, backpacking equipment, waterfront equipment, etc.
  • Work to accommodate all camper and staff special needs.
  • Revise the Summer Camp Manual at the end of the summer.
  • Prepare/coordinate program resources before staff training to support staff in delivering high quality programs.
  • Coordinate registration days, act as a parent liaison

 Summer Camp Health and Safety

  • Conduct weekly inspections of CWES summer camp to ensure compliance with HFS 175 state codes for public health inspection.  Train staff and retrain as necessary to ensure their understanding of the importance of their role in maintaining a healthy and safe camp operation.  Enforce CWES and UWSP safety rules as directed by the CWES Director during CWES Health, Safety, and Stewardship Training and other training sessions.
  • Revise as necessary, the CWES Waterfront Manual, CWES Health Lodge Manual and other health/safety-related documents in support of Summer Camp.  All revisions need to be cleared by the CWES Director.
  • Have a clear knowledge and understanding of CWES emergency and medical procedures. 
  • Ensure prescribed health/safety protocols are followed for all camp activities including, but not limited to:  Archery, challenge course, primitive camping/tripping, evening activities, and waterfront activities.  Ensure compliance at all times with adult/child ratios required by state law.
  • Assist the CWES administrative staff in training all staff in CWES safety policies and procedures including standing orders and emergency procedures for weather, strangers, abuse/neglect, emergency vehicle status/check out etc.
  • Keep all staff and camper medical records and applicable certifications including CPR/First Aid, Lifeguard, First Responder on file and accessible for state inspectors.  Maintain confidentiality of all staff medical history files.
  • Ensure the health, safety and well being of all campers and summer staff at CWES at all times.
  • Ensure compliance by Summer Staff with CWES code of Conduct at all times, informing the CWES Director of all infractions so that further disciplinary action may be taken.
  • Have a clear knowledge and understanding of all HFS 175 summer camp laws relating to programming (i.e. waterfront, camper safety and supervision, off site trips, Health, camper ratios, etc) and enforce these laws.
  • Promptly inform the CWES Director or Program Manager of all and any accidents/incidents occurring during the summer season and complete proper paperwork as directed by CWES Director and Office Manager.  In the absence of the CWES Director or designated representative, follow up as necessary through UWSP. Make sure all summer staff complete workers compensation forms within the required time limit.

Hours: Approximately 40 hours/week

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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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How to Apply:

If interested, please contact Tom Quinn to express initial interest:

Tom Quinn (Executive Director)




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Compensation Information:

$13,124 for 12 months + health insurance with required student paid premiums. Out of state residents pay Wisconsin tuition. Minnesota residents pay a separate tuition that is higher than Wisconsin students, but lower than the normal out of state tuition cost.  Free lodging on site (required June-August); meals provided when groups are on site, CWES computers have Creative Suite 4, Microsoft Package and high speed DSL Internet so students can work on most class projects at CWES versus traveling to Stevens Point to use a computer lab on campus.

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Tom Quinn

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