Community Volunteer Ambassador (AmeriCorps)

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Tuesday, November 7, 2017, 12:00am



Eugene, OR
United States


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Job Type:


Job Description:

We have positions at over 50 national parks across the US. Go to our website to view the map and access the application: 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintain the host park’s social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts to promote volunteerism in the park.
  • Enhance the operation of volunteer programs by developing and supporting related projects, activities, and goals
  • Networking and establishing enduring relationships with local and regional organizations which will serve as ongoing sources for volunteers
  • Diversifying the volunteer pool and engage underserved members of the park’s community
  • Recruiting and Training of volunteers to increase the quantity, quality, and capacity of volunteerism opportunities at the park.
  • Ensure volunteer engagement  in substantive, meaningful work
  • Communicate, Collect, and Analyze volunteer feedback in order to contribute to improving volunteer experiences  
  • Strengthen systems for volunteer management, including research, recruitment, retention, recognition, and reporting
  • Build NPS collaboration and community within the park unit and region
  • Represent NPS and the CVA program to the media, as necessary
  • Enforce and Adhere to NPS and AmeriCorps’ policies and regulations


Citizenship: Must be a US citizen

Age: 21-30 years old

Education: High School diploma/ GED- required. Associates- accepted. Bachelor’s degree is preferred.


2+ years of experience in leadership, recruiting, community organizing, education, project management, marketing & event planning, and/or conservation fields (ie youth corp, camp counseling).

Should have experience working with economically and culturally diverse populations from varying age groups

Contract Commitment: 1 year, full time:

Must be able to pass an FBI background check.

Must have a driver’s license

Travel & Relocation: You must be willing to travel and attend both CVA Leaders and Early Service Training sessions (traveling expenses will be covered).

You also must be willing to relocate to one of the 7 National Park Regional areas in:  

Alaska, Pacific, Intermountain, Northeast, Midwest, Southeast, and the D.C area (on-site housing or housing assistance will be provided)


We are offering a  52-week, paid AmeriCorps internship that comes with:

- $1760/ month living allowance

- On-site housing/ housing assistance for the year of relocation at a national  park

- $5500* monetary education award that can be applied to student loans or tuition

- 2-year distinctive, non-competitive hiring status on!!!!

We have positions at over 50 national parks nationwide!!!!


How to Apply:

1. Create a profile.

2. Select the Community Volunteer Ambassador program

3. Select up to 3 park location preferences

4. Upload your resume and a cover letter specifically addressed to each park that you have selected.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE A DESCRIPTION FOR EACH COVER LETTER.