Director of Fenton Ranch, Manzano Day School

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The position is co-located between Fenton Ranch in the Jemez Mountains and Manzano Day School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The Director also runs a recreational summer camp for Manzano students during the summer months. During October, November, February, and March, the Fenton Director delivers curriculum at Manzano Day School in Albuquerque.  

Additionally, the Fenton Ranch Director will

  • recruit, hire, train and supervise environmental education staff and summer counselors three times annually
  • oversee the day-to-day operations and educational integrity of Fall and Spring Programs, and a safe and fun-filled summer camp
  • participate in long-term planning, goal setting, and weekly schedules
  • coordinates with Fenton caretakers and cleaning staff for optimal facility conditions
  • be involved in minor repairs and upkeep of Fenton Ranch, and occasional cleaning
  • oversee financial reimbursements and staff schedules
  • design, maintain, order and purchase instructional materials
  • interact with faculty, school administration, parents, and students
  • participate in teacher in-service and faculty projects at school
  • maintain accurate files and computer data on programs
  • ensure the physical and emotional safety of all student participants, staff, and parent chaperones weekly.

Qualifications and Certifications of an ideal candidate may include:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education or similar field
  • Current Wilderness First Responder or Wilderness Advanced First Aid Certification
  • CPR/1st Aid Instructor (AHA, Red Cross, etc)
  • Significant experience with lead teaching and curriculum development in the Environmental Education field
  • Teaching Licensure
  • Experience managing remote residential facilities
  • Experience in program management, development, and budgetary oversight
  • State-level or nationally recognized Certified Environmental Educator (NAEE, EEANM, etc)
  • Comfort and experience in a variety of outdoor skills and abilities
  • Flexibility to meet the needs of this co-located position, between urban Albuquerque and two hours North in the remote Jemez Mountains.
  • Experience with risk-management and emergency planning

This is a full-time faculty teaching position with Manzano Day School.


How to Apply:

Send​ ​resume​ ​and​ ​letter​ ​of​ ​interest​ ​to​ ​Cathy​ ​Hubbard​ ​at​ ​