Ecology Educator

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Saco, ME
United States

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Ecology Educators develop and lead ecosystem-based lessons for groups of 10-12 students.  Lessons focus on the ecology of areas such as the coastal forest, beach, dunes, rocky tide pools, and a salt marsh estuary.  Each educator is also responsible for shared supervision of students between and after lessons plus some general maintenance of the site and program.  All educators are given a week of training prior to teaching children, which includes covering general knowledge of coastal ecosystems, basic ecology, narrative education and the methodology of teaching children experientially in the out-of-doors.  Although sample lesson plans are provided in the Teaching Guide, educators are encouraged to create and develop their own lesson plans and activities within the Ecology School framework.


  1. Ability to develop good rapport and positive relations with students, teachers and other educators.
  2. Experience in K-8 education and/or environmental education.
  3. BS or BA degree or, in the case of interns, several terms of undergraduate courses and experience.
  4. Ability to work long hours outdoors (often physically strenuous) managing groups of children.
  5. Positive attitude, love of nature, hard working, sense of humor and a willingness to learn.
  6. Hold certifications in CPR and First Aid


  1. Plan and teach lessons to a group of approximately 10-12 students.
  2. Attend and participate meals (usually sitting at a student table to share the meal and to engage students).
  3. Help set up the site for the week on Monday and clean-up the site on Friday.
  4. Attend all scheduled meetings, including all Staff Meetings, Teachers Meetings and other meetings called as necessary.
  5. Participate in pre-lesson educational skits and dinner theater.
  6. Assist in developing curriculum, skits and program
  7. Consult with classroom teachers and Ecology School Directors to make decisions regarding students' conduct.
  8. Perform various duties (3-5 per week) such as breakfast or lunch dishes, dorm clean-up with students, recreation or dorm supervision, and put-to-bed.
  9. Live on-site in staff housing.

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Please submit application (form found on website, cover letter and resume to:

Alexandra Grindle, Director of Programs:


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College graduates receive a starting salary of $300 per week, post-graduates receive a starting salary of $330 per week, and undergraduate interns start at $250 per week. The Ecology School also partners with EarthCorps as an extern placement site. Each educator is provided with room and board, which includes weekends. A $30 per week (per term up to four terms total) raise is given to all ecology educators who return to teach for additional terms.