Edible Academy Garden Coordinator (EA Campus)

This job has expired and is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.


Bronx, NY
United States

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The Edible Academy Garden Coordinator (EA Campus) position would include the following specific duties & responsibilities:

Design and coordinate installation of plantings by children, students, teachers, and interns for the Verey Garden, Meadow, topiaries, gate displays, vertical gardens, and borders.
Supervise and educate interns and EA participants to implement garden plans.
Maintain horticulture supplies including seeds, seedlings, planting medium, soil amendments, and hardscape supplies.
Develop and implement organic amendment plan, including sourcing of all materials and maintenance of all preparations
Sequence all propagation calendars and prepare facilities for production.
Develop interpretation to communicate organic garden techniques and best practices.
Maintain inventory of supplies and promote safe handling practices.
Maintain neat and organized tool shed, greenhouse, and nursery.
Prepare schedules for garden programming tasks and pest monitoring.
Coordinate the implementation of planting plans and garden stewardship programming.
Maintain seed and seedling stock, organic soil amendments, and equipment.
Documentation of plantings and harvest yields to track success and for reporting to funders.


How to Apply:

Send a cover letter and resume using the link below.