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Wednesday, May 15, 2019, 12:15pm


Aspen, CO
United States

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Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Education Director: 
1. Create and improve environmental science curricula for all ACES Environmental Education Programs
2. Supervise and mentor education staff on best environmental education practices
3. Manage and delegate administrative obligations of the Education Program
4. Teach, support, and innovate Tomorrow’s Voices and other high school age programs
5. Support and innovate the Naturalist Field School Program
6. Expand and innovate ACES’ environmental education programs 

1. Create and improve curriculum for all ACES Environmental Education Programs 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Plan and coordinate the environmental science in-school program content. These responsibilities are primarily focused on the Aspen, Basalt and Crystal River Elementary Schools and the Re-2 school district.
● Update and improve in-school and field program curricula.
● Communicate with all stakeholders including principals, school teachers, administrators, and ACES teachers to plan for the success and growth of the school programs.
● Evaluate quality of the program, measuring and tracking results with both quantitative metrics and qualitative anecdotes that show ACES’ progress toward impacts and educational outcomes. 

2. Supervise and mentor the ACES education team and staff on best environmental education practices 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Review resumes, interview, and hire educator staff with support from CEO and Human Resources Department.
● Provide lesson plan and teaching technique leadership and feedback to educators and other staff.
● Train educators and other staff on environmental education best practices on an ongoing basis.
● Provide and coordinate staff professional development and enrichment opportunities.
● Teach in-school, field, and other classes as needed and to model best practices. 

3. Manage and delegate administrative obligations of the Education Program 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Coordinate, schedule and support all education programs with education support staff
● Invoice for the in-school and field programs with education support staff.
● Raise funds to support education programs through: grant writing, program revenue optimization, and various fundraising initiatives, e.g. the Children’s Education Fund, assisting the Development Director, and other means.
● Delegate responsibilities to Education Coordinator and NFS Manager to enhance quality and scope of all education programs.
● Improve and institute risk management best practices. 

4. Teach, support, and innovate Tomorrow’s Voices and other high school leadership programs 
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:
● Teach, oversee and co-lead Tomorrow’s Voices program.
● Coordinate with our partners the Garfield County high school internship program. 

5. Support and innovate the Naturalist Field School Program 
● Provide program support to the NFS program and staff with responsibilities including mentoring NFS Manager and educators, class creation, parent and participant interactions, registration and website maintenance, and risk management.
● Support and teach adult and youth classes, including the Apprentice Program, during the summer and other school breaks.
● Work closely with the Naturalist Field School Manager to evaluate and maintain quality and scope of all NFS programs. 

6. Expand and innovate ACES environmental education program 
● Assess the feasibility of producing a distinct online environmental science learning program.
● Expand education programs into new schools, including a district-wide outdoor education program in the Re-1 and Re-2 school districts.
● Pioneer and create new methodologies, partnerships, and strategies in teaching environmental science.
● Engage low income, underserved, and minority populations to bridge the gap between the environmental movement and social justice. 

Secondary Responsibilities:
1. Maintain Education Budget.
2. Maintain records of program participants, program revenue, program growth and program contacts.
3. Serve on ACES’ Risk Management Team.
4. Act as primary contact for the schools including attending administrative meetings as needed.
5. Play a leading role with CAEE and other environmental education organizations.
6. Other duties as assigned to further the mission of ACES. 

Desired Qualifications:
- Master’s degree in education, teaching, or environmental education. While a Master’s degree is required, individual reputation, knowledge and experience in the environmental science and/or education sectors will be key criteria. Spanish bilingual ability is preferred.
- Director must have a minimum of ten years cumulative classroom and/or environmental education teaching experience and hold a valid Colorado (or comparable) teaching license.
- Director must have extensive field and classroom pedagogical background with experience teaching in multiple settings, developing environmental education curriculum and teaching aids.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with experience in writing lesson plans and public speaking. Director must communicate effectively with a variety of stakeholders to identify opportunities to enhance and improve pertinent program elements and effectiveness.
- Director must genuinely enjoy people and be an effective team player. Director must have a proven ability to build productive relationships by positively interacting with co-workers, clients and the public at large.
- Director needs to have a personality and management style that inspires others, encourages co- workers and stakeholders to present their ideas and motivates a highly diverse group of people to understand what is expected and how to achieve those objectives. Director must gain the respect of others by virtue of style, character, expertise and example, rather than through force or position.
- Director must be highly organized and have strong administrative and leadership skills, including experience with operating budgets and the related accountability. 

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

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