Educator and Professional Development Facilitator

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Friday, November 19, 2021, 5:30pm


Houston, TX
United States

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Job Description:

The Educator and Professional Development Facilitator will work collaboratively with CELF, specifically as a creative and close team partner to the Houston CELF Program Manager, to support CELF’s Sustainable Schools Professional Learning Program for Houston area K-12 schools. The Educator will support the delivery of professional development programs for the organization. 

Background and Experience

  • 5+ years experience as a classroom teacher
  • Experience designing, planning, and implementing the following:
    • Professional development for teachers & administrators
    • Curriculum development
    • Interdisciplinary learning
  • Knowledge and experience applying any or all of the following:
    • Environmental literacy and environmental justice 
    • Education for Sustainability
    • TEKS and NextGen Science Standards with curriculum design integration
    • STEM, project-based learning (PBL), place-based education (PBE), and online learning
  • Ability to cultivate relationships with schools and partners
  • Preferred experience (optional)
    • Relevant Master’s degree
    • Spanish bilingualism
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other tech tools to support data collection
    • Ability to contribute to social media communications

Skills and Abilities:

  • Flexibility: Can adapt to necessary changes required during the project experience
  • Communication: Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing
  • Collaborative: Ability to multitask and work collaboratively with teams 
  • Project Management: Can manage multiple deadlines, priorities, budgets, and professional development coordination

Job Responsibilities:                    

  1. Develop and Deliver Teacher Professional Development (PD): Collaborate with Houston Program Manager and NY-based team to conduct PD programs (in-person and virtual) and coordinate communications across multiple schools, staff, and community partners. Track and report program outcomes for grant reports, board meetings, and fundraising/development purposes.
  2. Support Houston Regional Growth: Support Houston Program Manager in the following areas:
  • Align CELF PD resources, particularly as specific to Texas state standards – TEKS– (e.g., in-person and digital course videos, digital course downloads and reading material, workshop facilitator guides and presentations, workshop participants handouts).
  • Partnerships: Cultivate new and existing partnerships and work collaboratively with community partners in program delivery, mentoring, and community outreach.
  • Program Advocacy and Outreach in collaboration with Program Director: Actively seek and follow through with new clients for CELF programs and services. Contribute to the development of a network of advocates for the mission of CELF.
  • Assessment: Work collaboratively with independent evaluators and applies evaluation data from reports to make strategic decisions for successful implementation.

     3. Lead Green Careers Program Development and Delivery: Green Careers is a series of in-classroom presentations and Q&A sessions conducted by professionals in the environmental and sustainability fields. As schools look for more ways to embrace and amplify young scholars' interest in sustainability and environmentally-focused career pathways, this program creates opportunities for students to be inspired by the real, personal narratives of industry professionals. Your responsibilities would include:

  • Connect with campuses & teachers to understand current project development to identify authentic guest speakers and/or supporting resources  
  • Coordinate with campuses & teachers to schedule relevant Green Career guest speakers connected to a student project
  • Recruit guest speakers. Review guest speaker slide decks - ensure content is audience appropriate (grade level and project theme considerations)
  • Engage new potential partners and/or guest speakers to participate in the program

How to Apply:

Send resume and cover letter to: Pallavi Mehta, Finance Manager