Environmental Education Intern - Spring season

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Saturday, February 4, 2017, 12:00am



Boulder, CO
United States

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Environmental Educator

Spring Season 2017 Internship

March 1 – May 24

 FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO www.growinggardens.org/internships

Growing Gardens’ mission is to enrich the lives of our community through sustainable urban agriculture. We envision people experiencing a direct and deep connection with plants, the land and each other. Growing Gardens unites the Boulder County community through urban agriculture projects, such as: The Cultiva Youth Project (Ages 12 – 19), The Children’s Peace Garden (Ages 3 – 11), Community Classes, Growing Gardens Food Project, and the Community Gardens (General Public), and our Community Orchard.

Spring Season Environmental Education Interns gain incredible hands-on experience teaching and learning in our programs as they develop essential skills for environmental education. Environmental Educators improve their teaching technique through practice, reflection, and feedback. Environmental Educators spend most of their time directly teaching Field Trips, BVSD Days Off in the Garden and Classroom Visits for the Children’s Peace Garden (CPG). The Children’s Peace Garden Program teaches children environmental stewardship, nutrition education, respect for diversity, and creative self-expression to nurture a healthy, happy and well balanced child. 6,900 children from ages 3-11 participate in CPG programming.  Environmental Education Interns teach engaging hands-on activities about organic gardening practices, the garden as a source of food and how to prepare simple, nutritious food from the garden.

Education Interns will gain hands-on experience and knowledge about vegetable production helping in the greenhouse, Children’s Peace Garden, and Cultiva fields.

Environmental Educator Duties:

Teaching in Children’s Peace Garden:

  • Work closely with the Program Coordinator to teach Field Trips, BVSD Days Off in the Garden and Classroom Visits in Children’s Peace Garden
  • Teach the following gardening skills during field trips to the garden site and visits to local schools: Plants and Planting, Insects and Pollination, Composting, Harvesting, Preparing, and Eating.
  • Once trained in all curricula, independently manage field trips and classroom visits
  • Conduct surveys and document attendance at all programs
  • Document activities through photography for reports, grant proposals and marketing
  • Attend intern trainings
  • Assist with development of training for Cultiva teens who will assist in the Children’s Peace Garden summer camps

Community Outreach:

  • Assist with marketing for programming
  • Positively interact with the public during community outreach events

Event Participation:

  • Assist with one weekend Plant Sales in May
  • Assist with planning and teaching during Earth Day Event in April
  • Environmental Education Interns are responsible for other duties as assigned, to engage with, and learn from, the Growing Gardens non-profit organization and community.

Knowledge and Skills the Intern Will Develop:


  • Teaching and co-teaching wide range of audiences in a garden-based setting including teaching techniques, group management strategies, and differentiation.
  • Teaching Growing Gardens’ Environmental Education curriculum including field trips, summer camps, school days off in the garden and classroom visits
  • Teaching gardening skills and related topics
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Effective feedback strategies including professional and peer-to-peer
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment including comfort with changing tasks
  • Cultivate a positive learning environment for all audiences including diverse populations
  • Contribute as facilitator and active member of a professional learning community

Gardening and Agriculture:

  • Basic small-scale organic vegetable production techniques
  • Seeding, Transplanting, and Propagation
  • Garden care through the spring season
  • Vermicomposting
  • Honeybees
  • Garden Insects
  • Pollination

Structure of Internship:

  • Internship duration is March 1 – May 24, 2017
  • Intern position is 15 hours per week.  Note: hours may vary between weeks; however the average number of hours per week will be 15 hours. Hours primarily take place during the week, however there is some required weekend work
  • Required attendance at orientation meeting with all GG interns, mentor, intern supervisor and additional GG staff
  • Each Intern is supported by a Mentor and Supervisor
  • Mentor oversees daily activities and supports each Intern’s growth during weekly meetings throughout the duration of the contract
  • Interns meet with Supervisor every month for the duration of the contract
  • This internship is unpaid and qualifies for credit at the university level

Learning Objectives Contract – Each Intern will develop a Learning Objectives contract with their Supervisor and Mentor by the second week of the internship. This contract includes: position description, educational objectives, learning objectives, and skill development.

Evaluation – To support the Intern’s growth during the internship, the Mentor and Supervisor will provide an opportunity for midpoint evaluation and end of internship evaluation. Evaluations include Intern self-evaluation, Mentor and Supervisor evaluations, and post-evaluation discussion.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO www.growinggardens.org/internships

Additional Benefits of Interning with Growing Gardens:

  • Hands-on experience making a positive impact in the lives of children, teens and adults
  • Friendly, relaxed environment
  • Good experience; develops marketable teaching and group leading skills
  • Additional training offered through Growing Gardens classes, workshops, and staff shadowing
  • Access to a wide variety of organic seeds and plant starts
  • Shared garden plot with other GG Interns in the Hawthorn Community Garden
  • Garden is located with easy access to public transportation
  • This internship qualifies for credit at the university level
  • and so much more!!!!!!!!


Growing Gardens is seeking individuals who are excited to gain skills and experience teaching and learning in a community of motivated garden-based educators! Interns will bring some prior experience engaging youth, and much excitement to teach in an engaging and dynamic environment. The intern must be excited to work outside in all weather conditions, and be able to serve as a mature, healthy role model for children and teens. Interns love working collaboratively with a team and can work effectively independent of supervision. Interns do not need prior gardening or farming experience but they must have interest in developing skills and knowledge in this area. Interns must demonstrate responsibility, reliability, and organization skills.

Applicants must hold certifications in medication administration, CPR and First Aid by March 1, 2017. This intern position is contingent upon the satisfactory results of background check.   

To apply:

Applications are due by February 1st, 2017 but will remain open until filled. 

Send cover letter, completed application and updated resume to Rachel Cadwallader-Staub at rachel@growinggardens.org.

FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE GO TO www.growinggardens.org/internships

How to Apply:

Applications are due by February 1st, 2017 but will remain open until filled. 

Send cover letter, completed application (found on our website) and updated resume to Rachel Cadwallader-Staub at rachel@growinggardens.org.

FOR MORE INFORMATION and to find the application PLEASE GO TO www.growinggardens.org/internships