Field Herpetology Summer Camp Instructor

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.
Snake being held during field trip in Kansas

Deadline to Apply:

Monday, May 2, 2022, 11:00pm


Hays, KS
United States

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The Science Camp experience provides students with valuable perspective on science communities, careers, and field-specific employable skills. We also strongly emphasize communication, problem solving, collaboration, leadership, and healthy community-building. Students will learn these broadly applicable professional skills along with advanced science concepts and hands-on skill development. Instructors work with the Camps Director David Levering to develop and implement their respective curricula in following the mission and culture of the Sternberg Science Camps program
Our students come from a variety of regions throughout the US, with some international participants as well. They are eager to learn all you can teach them about the subject of the camp. As a result, they typically move through content very quickly, with frequent in-depth questions about the subject matter. As a result, successful instructor and teaching assistant applicants must be able to demonstrate an advanced knowledge of concepts, techniques, and topics in the respective fields of each camp.

The Field Herpetology Camp will take place within a combination of Eastern Kansas, NE Oklahoma, and SW Missouri. The purpose of the camp is guiding students through the herpetofauna of these regions, along with content about community ecology, climate change effects, and specialized biology of reptiles and amphibians found along the way. Any applicant should be comfortable and confident with field-based herpetology. 

Position Start Date:

Sunday, June 26, 2022

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How to Apply:

Please use the linked form below to submit a 1-2 page cover letter with contact information, a current 1-2 page CV with two professional references, and a copy of your most recent transcripts (unofficial is fine).

Please contact David Levering ( with
questions or for more information.

Notifications for interviews will go out within a week of the application
deadline. The deadline to apply is Monday, May 2nd.

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  • $850/week for instruction of camp.
  • $652 for curriculum development.
  • Curriculum development and instructor salary are bundled together in paychecks.
  • Maximum $400 travel stipend.
  • Travel stipend wrapped into paycheck(s). We typically cannot pay directly for staff travel expenses.
  • Room and board are included during camp.

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David Levering

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