Field Instructor and Co-Instructor

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017, 12:45am



Chicago/Worldwide, IL
United States

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The Road Less Traveled offers two summer positions: Field Instructors, Co-Instructors. Co-Instructors work in conjunction with the Field Instructor in a variety of supportive roles. Most first year staff are Co-Instructors. However, if you feel you have the qualifications and would like to apply specifically for a Field Instructor position, please indicate that on your application.

Field Instructors will plan, coordinate and execute daily activities and trip logistics; monitor Co-Instructor and participant assignments for the day; plan and execute the evening programs; act as a positive role model for participants; supervise the health and safety of the participants and environment; manage financials and accounting including monitoring of expenditures, record keeping, advances, and bookkeeping; manage gear, vehicles, inventory, storage and documentation; perform reviews and summer end evaluations; and evaluate programming and current season while making suggestions for the following year.

The following are characteristics/qualifications that each staff person is expected to match regardless of position:

Education: Minimum of Bachelor's degree or in the process of completing a degree.

Maturity: Must be 21 years of age.

Current WFR or WEMT: This certification needs to be complete by the start of staff training and CURRENT through the end of employment.

Lifeguard Training or Swiftwater Rescue: These are preferred certifications but not mandatory.

Current Unrestricted Drivers License


Previous experience working with and/or teaching young people: ranging in age between 12-19 is mandatory. Knowledge of and experience in group dynamics, teaching or facilitating groups, supervision of meal planning, food preparation and cooking, and managing logistics. Ability to teach program specific skills, environmental awareness, and related scientific, cultural, and historical knowledge pertaining to the regions through which you will travel and their relationship to each other.

Confidence: Self-assurance is required to live and relate with adolescents and other Instructors in close-knit situations.

Personality/Motivation: Must be self-motivated and act as a role model, possessing personality characteristics that will accelerate and maintain a healthy rapport with participants and other staff.

Flexibility/Patience/Organization: Must have the patience to respond to stress, crisis, change, and non-glamorous tasks in positive and productive ways at all times. Must have the ability to organize and assure a smooth flow of activities.

Legal right to work in the United States: PLEASE NOTE: RLT is not able to assist with work visas.

Dates of employment can range anywhere from mid-June to the end of July or middle of August, depending on your trip assignment. You may lead one, two or possibly three sessions of a program over the course of a summer. We will make every effort to employ you for as long as you wish, but flexibility is necessary with trip assignments and dates, keeping in mind the students experience is a direct result of its leadership. If you are a first year staff with RLT, it may be late spring or even staff training before final placement is determined.


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