Garden Manager

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Carmel, CA
United States

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Job Description:

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

▪  Lead and manage organic garden planning, propagation efforts and greenhouse work, crop planting and rotation, soil fertility, composting, pruning, irrigation, and pest and disease management.

▪  Collaborate closely with MEarth educators, other staff and purchasing partners to ensure a level of production that provides ample produce for student programming (curriculum needs and lesson plans), specialized growing contracts and special events.

▪  Deliver produce to restaurant and other clients as contracts or other needs dictate.

▪  Ensure that garden facilities and equipment are in safe and reliable working order (i.e. tool

shed, greenhouse, irrigation system, hand tools, etc.).

▪  Train and manage all volunteers, interns and contractors working in the garden; ensure an

engaging and rewarding experience for volunteers.

▪  Maintain a regular record of garden work, harvest yields and planting rotations.

▪  Develop and manage the garden/property budget; determine budgetary needs, prepare

applicable documentation for approval.

▪  Work with the keen aesthetic of the program in mind, keeping the garden in a presentable

state for our numerous tours and community visitors (including updating of appropriate


▪  Represent MEarth to the wider community, including public speaking, attendance and/or

participation in meetings and conferences.

▪  Participate fully in MEarth events and community outreach.

Required Education and Experience:

▪ Educational Requirement: B.A. or B.S in related field or commensurate work experience.

▪  Experience Required: Minimum two years of work experience managing a production

garden, farm or educational garden.

▪  Significant experience and success with managing and training volunteers and interns.

▪  Strong interpersonal skills, ability to work well with youth, peers, volunteers, interns, etc.

in a wide range of situations.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

▪  Demonstrated skill and expertise in accomplishing work-related tasks – with accuracy, precision, completeness, neatness, and quantity.

▪  Demonstrated knowledge in accomplishing work-related responsibilities, including methods, materials, tools, equipment, and fundamental subject matter.

▪  Effective and efficient work habits including organization of work, punctuality and dependability, industry, and good practices of both vehicle and personal safety.

▪  Has worked collaboratively in a team setting, as well as worked independently.

▪  Established and maintained friendly, cooperative, and effective working relationships with

all persons contacted in the course of work.

▪  Demonstrated a positive attitude and enthusiasm for work, willingness to conform to job

requirements, and ability to adapt to change.

▪  Strong communication skills, both verbal and written.

▪  Demonstrated good judgment, promptness of action, and sound decision making.

▪  Computer skills using both Windows and Mac preferred.

▪  High proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other software.

How to Apply:

Please follow the link below to apply. No phone calls please.