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Thursday, June 30, 2016, 1:45am


Lawndale, CA
United States

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Environmental Charter Schools is a growing network of free public schools in South Los Angeles that is graduating college-bound leaders who care about their communities. ECS’s vision is that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to graduate from college, inspired to discover their own sense of purpose, and empowered to become quality stewards of their communities. ECS’s mission is to create and deliver vibrant, innovative, interdisciplinary learning opportunities using the environment to engage students and connect them to the wider world.

The Principal reports directly to the Executive Director and collaborates with the ECS leadership team to ensure the following:


LEADERSHIP & VISION: Supports the development, articulation, implementation, and stewardship of ECS’ vision of learning that is shared and supported by the ECS community.

The principal holds the vision for the school. They work collaboratively with the ECS leadership team to set the strategic direction for the organization and the site specifically. They will collaboratively review and analyze data and implement mission-aligned strategies to ensure success.

CULTURE & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Advocates, nurtures, and sustains ECS’ school culture and instructional program conducive to school learning and staff professional growth.

At the heart of ECS’ culture are our values, specific best practices and key strategies upon which our schools were founded and upon which we rest our success. ECS’s professional development ensures the ECS culture, best practices, programs and strategies persist.  They are captured in the WASC self-study to ensure common understanding and approval by our board and charter authorizer.

ECS hosts a three-week summer professional development program. As well, ECS has adopted several student-free days and late start days to support and reflect with teachers on their curricula, instructional and assessment strategies. ECS has a number of collaborative professional reflection and planning processes such as our interdisciplinary unit design cycle, instructional coaching cycle, data analysis protocols, and a teacher development and evaluation system to support continuous reflection and growth.  

The principal also oversees and maintains equity for all students. They manage counseling, special education, intervention and enrichment programming as well as after-school programming.

MANAGEMENT & OPERATIONS: Helps ensure the management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.

At ECS, the principal upholds state laws, contracts and policies. In addition to overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school, they oversee the school office, maintenance, facilities and food services.  As well, they establishes and maintains a balanced budget aligned to the strategic goals of the school. The principal also must closely manage key budget drivers including enrollment and attendance, staffing and instructional programming needs. They are responsible for staffing, supervising, and monitoring the school team. In addition to a variety of other responsibilities not listed, the principal is responsible for the calendar, scheduling, student discipline, and school safety plans as well as all other management and operations functions necessary to create a safe, efficient and effective learning environment.   

COMMUNITY & OUTREACH: Collaborates with families and community members, responds to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizes community resources.

The ECS principal collaborates with stakeholders, communicates about school programs and supports the development of partnerships to best support and enhance ECS goals. Partnership proves foundational to the student and faculty experience at ECS. The principal manages outreach and development of strategic partners for internships, field trips, after-school programming, scholarships, college admissions, professional development for faculty/staff as well as enrichment opportunities. In addition, the principal encourages parent participation and leadership in all aspects of our school community. They work with parents individually and in groups to seek input on school-wide goals, plan community events, and support student success, engaging parents several times a year for parent conferences and other school-wide events.

PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP: Models a personal code of ethics and develops professional leadership capacity.

ECS principals model the values of ECS. They maintain ethical standards of professionalism. Diplomacy in managing toward the ECS mission is critical to success.  As well, they must model reflective practice and utilize survey data, student achievement data, and other information to think forward, strategically lead, and inspire others to higher levels of performance, commitment, innovation and motivation.

BIG PICTURE THINKING: Understands, responds to and influences larger political, socio-economic, legal and cultural context.

The ECS principal engages with the ECS Board of Directors, the school authorizer, city, police, and other government agencies. They seek opportunities to understand the larger role that charter schools play in public education and works to influence the larger picture by attending events, advocating, and interacting with key influencers and donors.


  • Bachelor degree required; Masters in Education or Doctorate preferred
  • School leadership and specifically charter school experience preferred
  • Experience working with parents and schools in a similar school community

ECS does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of age, actual or perceived race, actual or perceived gender, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.  ECS complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure equal access to all qualified individuals with a disability.

Position Start Date:

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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$42,000 - $59,935 annual salary

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Marcela Paez

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(310) 425-1605 x. 1603

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