Invasive Species Coordinator


Deadline to Apply:

Thursday, March 15, 2018, 11:45pm


Jamestown, NY
United States


Work at Audubon

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Job Description:


  • At least 21 years of age
  • Experience organizing, training, overseeing and rewarding volunteers
  • Able to work independently
  • Understanding of and appreciation for safe methods to work around and in water
  • In good physical condition, able to navigate outside in all weather and in up to 4 feet of water wearing chest waders
  • Interest in, comfort in, and knowledge of the natural world
  • Enthusiasm for learning and sharing


  • Familiarity with Audubon Community Nature Center
  • Marketing experience to attract volunteers
  • Detail oriented
  • Experience removing Water Chestnut, a floating aquatic non-native invasive species or Phragmites.
  • Experience operating tractors
  • Experience using kayaks or boats


Wage: $12.20/hour

Early May through mid-August; Hours may vary based on scheduled activities and/or weather.

250-300 hours; Some weeks of work will be more intense than others based on weather and scheduled pulls.


Organization and Marketing: Organize and train team of Invasive Species Management Assistants for work from mid-May to mid-June; Coordinate with the PRISM Invasive Species specialists for their time; Organize and publicize pulls during June and July which may include securing equipment, supplies and lunch for the group; Schedule and organize additional pulls as possible, based on volunteer recruitment, but at least one pull with at least 8 volunteers weekly.

Supervision: Coordinate the effort following the Contract with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for Invasive Species Control;Supervise Invasive Species Management Assistants; Recruit and train group leaders; Oversee scheduled pulls; liaison with professional herbicide applicator to provide boat, sprayer, herbicide and other equipment and supplies for spraying in late May or early June.

Materials and Supplies: Procure boats, equipment and supplies as needed; procure lunch for volunteers at events when needed; check supplies regularly for condition and repair or replace as needed.

Event Management: Perform the Group Pull Leader checklist; Check in with the front desk before going and upon return to document that everyone who participated has returned safely; Transport volunteers to and from worksite in an Audubon vehicle; Make sure participants have the materials and information required and act in a safe manner; Return materials to storage, checking for any items that need to be repaired or replaced; Coordinate with OWLs (buildings and grounds crew) for disposal of plants and other support.

Project Maintenance and Reporting: Coordinate with OWLs to install screening at the outlet; Schedule and monitor clearing the screen at the outlet that minimizes the introduction of Water Chestnut into the greater watershed; Coordinate with Water Chestnut Champion (if applicable) for Conewango Creek; Data entry of participants; Write year-end report including number of pulls, number of volunteers and total volunteer hours worked; Provide journal and photographic documentation of work completed; Upon completion of this Report, there will be a payment of $500.



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How to Apply:

To apply by March 15, 2018: Please send a resume with three references and cover letter to Audubon Community Nature Center – Invasive Species Project, 1600 Riverside Road, Jamestown, NY  14701 or with Application for Invasive Species Coordinator as the subject line. 

Job Compensation:


Compensation Information:


No benefits

$500 stipend upon completion of the final report.

Contact Name:

Ruth Lundin

Contact Phone:

(716) 569-2345

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