Lower Columbia FieldSTEM® Coordinator

This job has expired and is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.


Vancouver, WA
United States

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Job Description:

Primary Responsibilities:

Represent PEI in the Lower Columbia Region

  • Be a positive ambassador of PEI’s program and work within the mission to implement PEI’s strategic plan goals.
  • Provide regional planning, support and reporting for PEI. 
  • Attend statewide PEI program professional learning workshops/retreats.
  • Generate regional media for PEI’s social marketing and outreach efforts.

School District, School Building and Teacher Networking

  • Engage and recruit districts, schools and teachers to initiate systemic FieldSTEM implementation.
  • Conduct a FieldSTEM assessment annually with districts, schools and teachers to determine implementation status and track progress.
  • Facilitate the on-going work of districts and schools to embed FieldSTEM. 
  • Inform districts and schools about opportunities for field-based science education.
  • Work with PEI Program Director to develop a cadre of Teacher Leaders to function as the point of contact for teachers in their district regarding implementation of the FieldSTEM model. Provide leadership, support and expertise to the Teacher Leaders.

Professional Learning and Regional Meeting Coordination

  • Coordinate professional learning opportunities; working with PEI Faculty, Facilitators and staff to create outcomes, secure facilities, assist with outreach, provide a PEI presence at the event, assist with follow up and evaluation. Coordinate Regional meetings to communicate with teachers, district liaisons, consultants, business and organization partners, and other stakeholders as needed.
  • Work with PEI Program Director to develop a cadre of FieldSTEM Facilitators to offer FieldSTEM workshops.
  • Coordinate FieldSTEM workshops and training for formal and informal educators and community partners as needed.

How to Apply:

Contact Gail Kramer gkramer@pacificeducationinstitute.org for more information or visit the PEI website after 4/20 https://pacificeducationinstitute.org/