Mangrove Monitoring Program

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Mangrove Monitoring Program

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Volunteer Opportunity

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Combine an outdoor experiential program with relevant skill building. Camp on an uninhabited island and kayak through Baja’s mangrove forests exploring and studying the local ecology. Volunteers will learn and apply fieldwork techniques, conduct coastal surveys, identify a wide range of shorebirds, and collect specimens for the local museum. Depending on yearly migration patterns, an optional visit to Magdalena Bay is possible. The bay is well-known for its mother gray whales who bring their calves to the pangas (small boats) to interact with visitors. Volunteers may also facilitate educational display construction and other activities as needed by the museum. 


Position Start Date:

Friday, December 29, 2017

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How to Apply:

No prior experience necessary. Tailored to undergraduate students studying marine biology or interested in mangrove ecology / coastal environments, but by no means restricted to these groups. 

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Internship or credit may be available through your university - check with your adviser!