Outdoor Education Instructor- Marine & Mountain Ecology

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Monday, January 31, 2022, 11:45pm



Sunset, SC
United States

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Job Description:

Work Dates: February 2022 – May 2020

Location: 2 Locations in South Carolina

Camp Hannon: Sunset, South Carolina

Exploration Hannon: Located in the upstate Blue Ridge Mountains.  A mountain geology and ecology field study program designed around the processes and skills of scientific inquiry. Students will discover science concepts and engage in scientific thinking through investigations that explore the topographical phenomenon called the Blue Ridge Escarpment - a drastic and sudden 3,000-foot shift in elevation from flat piedmont to steep mountains. Activities include stream mapping, map and compass, mountain geology and ecology, aquatic ecology, zip lines, a climbing tower and more.

Sewee Coastal Retreat Center, Awendaw, South Carolina

Expedition Sewee: Located on the coast north of Charleston. This program offers an unforgettable study of coastal ecosystems; how they function, what they provide and why they’re important to preserve. Students and teachers will explore beaches, salt marshes, landforms and cultural resources of the Low Country.  Surrounded by the Francis Marion National Forest and the Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge, Expedition Sewee is perfectly staged to give students an up-close look at plant and animal interactions in the natural world. Activities include salt marsh studies, a barrier island beach study, boat rides, birding, crabbing, cast netting, games and more.  (Must have Marine Science degree or experience.)  

Principal Duties:

-Regularly teach at least two curriculum components in the field study programs
-Lead students in daily program activities (wake-up, flagpole, meals, canteen, and campfire).
-Be actively involved in all program activities, leading and participating in evening recreational and instructional times as scheduled.
-Assist with routine clean up and set up of program areas.
-Perform direct supervision of children while involved with activities.
-Facilitate groups utilizing adventure activities.


-BA or BS in Environmental Education, Natural Sciences, Forestry, Geology, Education, Marine Science, or Wildlife Biology.
-Must have the patience, understanding, flexibility, and a lot of energy.
-Must demonstrate teaching skills and the ability to implement creative “hands on” teaching methods.
-Must be willing to sacrifice, adapt and work hard as part of a team pursuing an objective.
-Must be physically able to perform the tasks required to teach outdoors.
-Must be willing to work long hours.

Pay Scale:

Twice a month pay of $600-$650 plus room, board, and a sickness/accidental insurance plan.

How to Apply:

Send resumes and references by email to Candice at ceharpe@clemson.edu.