Outdoor Educators

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Portland, OR
United States

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We need skilled teachers who want to make education better through working in our camps. We're looking for:


Professionals with many years of outdoor education and team leadership experience


Educators passionate about building competency in kids through outdoor education

Extended Camp Coordinators & Instructors:

Morning & afternoon hours overseeing our extended camp

Weekend Guides:

Guides able to work weekends leading adventurous excursions

Looking for Educators & Mentors:

Trackers is a diverse organization; less a business than a group of people focused on family and village. We need mentors to create thoughtful, challenging adventures in outdoors, story, and folk wisdom. And yes, we do want you to come with skills or a great willingness to learn. These skills could include but not be limited to the following...

  • Primitive skills and bushcraft
  • Folk craft and Homesteading
  • Archery and Bow Making, Kayaking,
  • Fishing and Foraging
  • Live Action Role-playing Camps
  • Filmmaking
  • Blacksmithing.

How to Apply:

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