Overnight Camp Counselor

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Friday, May 27, 2022, 5:00pm


South Kingstown, RI
United States

Job Category:


Job Type:


Job Description:

To help campers within your unit live up to the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Plan, carry out, and evaluate daily activities with other camp staff members while developing an appreciation and respect for the outdoors.  

Job Responsibilities:      

-Attend pre-camp training

-Guide girls within unit to respect the rights of others

-Teach camping skills and build appreciation for the outdoors

-Plan and execute daily activities and lessons

-Manage large groups of youth in an overnight camp setting

-Work on a team with fellow unit leaders

-Maintain clean units based on COVID-19 guidelines

-Responsible for health and safety of campers- report concerns promptly

-Serve as a watcher while at the waterfront

-Keeps records and make reports as required

-Perform weekly evaluations

-Perform other duties as assigned


Job Qualifications:         

-Be a current member of the Girl Scout movement and accept the beliefs and principles and ways of work of the organization

-Current First Aid/CPR certification

-Be able to give and/or follow directions in an emergency

-Ability to act as role model for campers

-Experience as a Girl Scout camper or youth leader desirable

-Ability to work on a team

-Be interested, know about, and be skilled in the Girl Scout program & safety practices in a camp setting.

-Willing to work and live in a rustic camp setting.

How to Apply:

Please apply for this position online by May 27, 2022. Please contact the Sr. Manager of Girl Experience with any questions at caudette@gssne.org.