Program Director

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 5:00pm


Houston, TX
United States

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Job Description:

Program Director will work collaboratively with CELF NY-based team, specifically with the Executive Director and Director of Education, to become fluent in CELF’s programs and mission. This will require travel to CELF NY office for training with CELF educator team during the Annual Summer Institutes in July 2019 and up to three additional visits during the year.

Job Responsibilities:

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: Oversee and deliver professional development programs and manage communications across multiple schools, staff, and community partners.  Conceive, develop and implement new programming in conjunction with strategic plans.  Coordinate with Finance team to ensure budget targets are achieved.
EfS CURRICULUM ALIGNMENT: Provide leadership for principals, teachers, and other school learning community members in executing the vertical and horizontal alignment of Education for Sustainability PBL curriculum through professional learning communities
PROGRAM ASSESSMENT: Work collaboratively in all aspects of program assessment with independent evaluators and applies data analyses strategically in making decisions for program improvement. 
BEST PRACTICES: Keep current in EfS and standards-based curriculum best practices and take proactive steps toward continual program improvement
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Assume leadership role in pursuing new contracts, cultivating partnerships and working collaboratively with community partners in program delivery, mentoring, and community outreach. Work with Finance team to ensure high quality proposals are submitted. 
MANAGEMENT: Lead Educator team. Ensure clear communication of goals and objectives and keep projects on track. schedules and priorities. Liaise with Corporate Partner and School Partners to identify and coordinate opportunities for CP employees to engage in school sustainability programs. Liaise with Higher Education Partner to establish relationship for Summer Institute and other credit-bearing programs.

Preferred Background and Experience:

5+ years experience as a secondary classroom teacher or K-12 administrator
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Experience with planning and implementing innovative, interactive professional development for teachers
CURRICULUM DESIGN:  Experience with developing and implementing curriculum design that is: student-centered, project-based, and interdisciplinary.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Sophisticated presentation skills; Leadership and team management experience; risk management; negotiation; and personal organization.
ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE: Knowledge and application of environmental science; background in environmental justice a plus
LEARNING STANDARDS: Experience with TEKS with a fluent ability to align and integrate them into project-based learning in STEM and other content areas.
LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Experience teaching in diverse learning environments
PLACE-BASED LEARNING: Experience facilitating service-learning and/or citizen science projects

Skills and Abilities:

FLEXIBILITY: Ability to adapt to necessary changes required during project implementation and day-to-day priorities.
COMMUNICATION: Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing. Comfort and experience with various forms of public speaking including panel events, board meetings, and trainings, seminars/workshops. 
INTERPERSONAL SKILLS: Ability to effectively collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders
TECHNOLOGY: MS Office; Google Suite; social media, cloud-based platforms.
LEADERSHIP/MANAGEMENT: Ability to multi-task and work collaboratively with teams of educators.  Strength in managing, developing, coaching, evaluating and retaining staff. 
ORGANIZATION SKILLS:  Skill in managing multiple deadlines, priorities, budgets, and professional development coordination.  Ability to keep stakeholders informed using various forms of project management. 

How to Apply:

Interested applicants can send resumes along with a cover letter to Katie Ginsberg, Executive Director at