Public Disclosure/Records Information Management (RIM) Coordinator

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017, 11:45pm


Richland, WA
United States

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Protecting Washington State's environment for current and future generations is what we do every day at Ecology. We have a culture that is invested in making a difference. If you want to join a team that is highly effective, collaborative, has leadership that embraces the value of people, Ecology is a good fit.

The Nuclear Waste Program (NWP) is looking to fill a Public Disclosure/Records Information Management (RIM) Coordinator (Forms and Records Analyst 3) position. The position will be located in our Richland Field Office (RFO) in Richland, WA.

The Public Disclosure/Records Information Management (RIM) Coordinator position supports Ecology and the NWP through performance of providing professional level services in public disclosure and records management of NWP Central Files, technical library, and the administrative record. 

We are looking for applicants to be energetic, possess strong customer service skills, able to work independently on specific projects and also be a part of a larger team, have excellent organizational skills and open to working in a physically demanding position. 

As an agency, our mission is to protect, preserve and enhance Washington's environment for current and future generations. We invest in our employees to create and sustain a working environment that encourages creative leadership, effective resource management, teamwork, professionalism and accountability. Maybe you've seen some of our recent stories on Twitter,Facebook, Instagram or our blog. 

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The Nuclear Waste Program's (NWP) mission is to lead the effective and efficient cleanup of the U.S. Department of Energy's Hanford Site, ensure sound management of mixed hazardous wastes in Washington, and protect the state's air, water, and land at and adjacent to the Hanford site.

Some of the key work activities of the Public Disclosure/Records Information Management (RIM) Coordinator position include:

NWP Central Files Records Information Management (RIM) Coordinator:

  • Is the expert in RIM best practices to provide advice and consultation in developing, organizing, and maintaining proper records life cycle management practices that supports compliance with records management statutes, policies, procedures and guidelines. This applies to both physical (paper) and electronic records.
  • Coordinates with the ARO in the review and development of records retention schedules, records inventories, file plans, records taxonomy/classification of files etc.
  • Monitor's and applies legal retention holds and release notices.
  • Maintains current file plans of all centralized and decentralized filing systems that includes types of documents included in the official record files; how draft documents, working papers, and concurrence copies will be handled; and staff responsible to maintain the official record.
  • Provides staff general and specialized assistance in following good recordkeeping practices such as matching records to retention schedules; how to distinguish between official records, reference materials, working copies or transitory records; use of proper naming conventions; transfer inactive records to Records Center or transfer of permanent records to the State Archives; identifies final disposition dates etc.
  • Coordinates with the Agency Records Officer in setting up training for the Richland Office staff on office recordkeeping requirements and procedures.
  • Ensures exiting (off) staff records are located and managed prior to them leaving.
  • Understands state and federal laws and Ecology policies & procedures.

Details Specific to Records Management in the Nuclear Waste Program, Central Files:

  • Using NWP Correspondence System, maintains records of incoming and outgoing correspondence and documents and follows up on work in process.  Enters incoming documents into system within 48 hours of receiving.
  • Performs the identification and labeling of correspondence, identifying appropriate subject and system codes. Determines and files cross references, as needed.
  • Performs filing and recovery of miscellaneous correspondence.
  • Follows established Agency standards for records management, objectives, inventory, and staff training of NWP Central Files.
  • Performs New Employee Orientation and educates staff to understand the use of the hard copy files and records set-up in Central Files and public disclosure policies and procedures. Works with the Agency Records Officer in the development of instructional/training materials for NWP on records management.
  • Attends the monthly RIM Coordinator meetings and trainings as they become available.

Administrative Record (AR):

  • Organizes and maintains multiple administrative records databases for various Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) permits in the Nuclear Waste Program.
  • Monitors and tracks incoming change notices, permit modifications, and other permit changes and makes appropriate reports to staff.
  • An administrative record is the compilation of information upon which an administrative decision is based, The AR consists of all documents that were used (support, drafts, working meeting notes, email, etc.) in making a permit determination or modification.

NWP Public Disclosure Coordinator:

  • Serves as the NWP primary contact for Public Disclosure.
  • Analyzes requests, enters requests into the agency tracking system and responds to Public Records Requests.
  • Coordinates with staff to assist with the gathering of responsive records for Public Records Requests.
  • Clarifies requests as needed and consults with staff on appropriate scope of requests and search criteria.
  • Assists staff in performing reasonable and adequate searches.
  • Coordinates legal holds and works with staff on the production of Discovery responses to the AGO under the direction of the Lead Manager (AP 20-12).
  • Coordinates and supports staff in responding to requests to designate records as "Confidential Business Information" (AP 20-13-02).
  • Prepares records for inspection and supervises onsite file reviews.
  • Identifies responsive records, as well as applicable exemptions for partial (redaction) or total withholding. Works with the AGO if needed.
  • Attends PDC monthly meetings.

NWP Resource Center Technical Library:

  • Performs technical library tasks and problem solving involving intensive application of specialized knowledge and skills.
  • Manages the circulation and loan of library materials.
  • Acquires, develops, and manages library collections.
  • Performs original descriptive and subject cataloging and classification in accordance with established cataloging rules.
  • Analyzes, organizes, indexes and describes library materials including books, technical reports/documents, magazines, etc.
  • Manages the NWP Resource Center Electronic Online System indexing program.
  • Selects material to fill information subject requests from other libraries and assists customers with bibliographic tools.
  • Performs information searches, answers reference questions, and confers with staff on reference strategies using library resources tools, which include: databases, catalogs, indexes, and internet.
  • Evaluates gift material for possible addition to specialized collection.
  • Assists in providing technical and informational services to the Attorney General's office for use in preparation of litigation for NWP actions.
  • Acts as liaison with collection users, community, and other libraries; informs clients of availability of materials added to the collection.

Required Qualifications:

  • A Bachelor's degree in business administration or a related field and two (2) years of experience in forms and/or records management or disclosure of public records.
  • Additional qualifying experience will substitute, year for year, for education. 

Desired Qualifications:

  • Professional level experience with Microsoft Office Suite and other related applications (Outlook, Word, Access, SharePoint, Adobe)
  • Possess the verbal and written communication skills necessary to work with non-technical customers and technical staff.
  • Must have the ability to work independently and have a good understanding of public disclosure, records management, and retention schedules.

Special Requirements / Conditions of Employment:

  • Must be able to obtain a Hanford badge in order to handle OUO documents.

Please note: This position is being re-posted in order to increase the size of the applicant pool. If you previously applied you do not have to re-apply.
This recruitment will remain open until filled. The initial screening will be March 30, 2017.  In order to be considered for the initial screening, please submit an application on or before March 29, 2017. The agency reserves the right to make an appointment any time after the initial screening date.


How to Apply:

Application Instructions:
In order to be considered, applicants MUST include the following documents as an attachment to their application:

A cover letter describing how your experience, skills and abilities meet the required qualifications of this position.
A resume outlining your professional experience.

Please complete the applicant profile when applying for this position. Or, you may paste the text of your resume within the profile's resume text field.

Please read the supplemental questions carefully and answer completely. Incomplete responses, including "please see resume" may disqualify you from further consideration.

Department of Ecology employees, please make sure to answer the agency-wide questions regarding permanent status as a classified employee within the Washington General Service or Washington Management Service. Do not forget to select Department of Ecology as a response to question 2, and type your personnel ID number for question 3. If you are not sure of your status or do not know your personnel ID number, please contact Human Resources at (360) 407-6186.

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