Raptor Program Manager

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Haines, AK
United States

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Job Description:

The Raptor Program Director position includes a variety of jobs including:

- Managing the Raptor Center and all umbrella programming.

- Participating in, and ensuring all daily husbandry occurs with each ambassador each day (this includes voluntary weights, aviary cleaning, aviary maintenance, enrichment).

- Reviewing handling, training and behavioral notes on a regular basis and maintaining a tailored plan to each individual ambassador.

-Giving clear, honest and upfront communication with other staff members, interns and ABEF board of directors about welfare of birds, training plans and goals.

-Giving formal and informal conservation education programs on a regular basis. This includes evaluating effectiveness of programming and adjusting program messaging on a regular basis.

- Works with, and maintains strong, trusting relationship with USFWS service and Alaska Department of Fish and Game. This includes having a detailed knowledge of our permits, USFWS & ADF&G regulations and reporting any permit changes, bird changes (acquisition, death), aviary changes, etc., and filling out the end of the year reports in a timely and efficient manner.

- Working with other ABEF members to manage the internship program. The Raptor Program Manager will be responsible for teaching raptor natural history, avian anatomy, positive reinforcement, empowerment training, behavioral basics and keeping in close communication with interns about the ambassadors.

- Be knowledgeable about, and follow ABEF Raptor Center Statements of Wellness and Care and Purpose of Educational Messaging.

- Follow ABEF Raptor Center Collection plan and maintain collection assessment on a bi-annual basis.

- Ensure the ABEF Raptor Center is using the most up to date and accurate animal behavior science and applied behavior analysis techniques to train residents and maintain positive and rewarding relationships.

- Set up appointments with veterinarian and ensure all wellness and medical reports are back in a timely manner.

Required Qualifications:

- Bachelor’s degree in animal behavior, biology, wildlife ecology, communications, other related field.

- At least two years experience managing or co-managing an avian facility via positive reinforcement: empowerment training.

- Willingness, knowledge and skills to continue to lead a “birds first” policy of training, husbandry and outreach.

- Experience managing college-aged students in a work setting.

- At least three years experience working in environmental education and interpretation.

- 300 documented hours working with bald eagles for USFWS permits. This can include husbandry, medical management, training (of a similar species) and raptor care and/or management conferences and courses.

- Ability to work in 15-32 degree weather November—March while maintaining high levels of bird welfare.

-Flexibility in scheduling for weekends, and night events.

Preferred Qualifications:

- At least two years experience working with USFWS and a state agency in regard to migratory birds.

- Experience collaborating with veterinarians for wellness evaluations.

- Experience working with raptors in a medical setting for emergency triage.

- Experience working in a team setting and collaborating with others from different cultural, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

- Ability to speak Spanish OR German OR French OR Italian OR Mandarin.


How to Apply:

Please send your one-two page resume, two reference contacts and a one-page cover letter on why you would be a good fit for the job to leia@baldeagles.org AND info@baldeagles.org . Please package these materials in a PDF format. Questions can be referred to leia@baldeagles.org or you can call 907.766.3094.