Schools Sustainability Associate

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Downtown Oakland, CA
United States

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Teaching a curriculum to students, while modeling lessons for teachers, students are engaged in sustainability issues through an educational approach which may include: an introduction of environmental principles, student-led environmental audits of school and home resource use, activities for student action to reduce the school’s environmental footprint, outreach and education by students to the larger community, and reflection on and celebration of progress and achievements. In addition, SSAs may work and collaborate on agency initiatives, like school infrastructure, provide technical assistance and training to diverse audiences and promote campaigns, such as the agency’s Stop Food Waste community outreach campaign, and Lose Your Lawn project. School Sustainability Associates work in a fast-paced team environment at schools, at the educational field trip centers, residences, at the agency, and in multiple community venues.

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Applications and correspondence will only be accepted through email. Please email the following documents to and include the position title Schools Sustainability Associate in your cover letter and email subject line. Include:

Cover Letter referencing the position title
StopWaste Application

This position will remain available until filled.  Interviews will be in person or via Skype.  The required application can be downloaded at: