Scientific Technician 2 - Career Seasonal

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Thursday, September 9, 2021, 11:45pm


Tumwater, WA
United States

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Job Description:


Tumwater, Washington

Anticipated Appointment Length:
7.5 Months – October 16th – June 1st

You love working outdoors collecting data that is critical for the management of salmon and steelhead resources in the watersheds of South Puget Sound and Hood Canal.

Work alongside a dynamic and diverse team of Scientific Technicians and Fish Biologists that support the mission by conducting ground stream surveys for Chinook, Coho, Chum, Pink, Sockeye, Cutthroat, Lamprey, and Steelhead stock assessment data. 

If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you then apply today and join the WDFW Team!

With that in mind, 

Picture yourself collecting data needed to assess stock status, building fishery models, and forecasting salmon returns.

In this dynamic role, you will help determine hatchery vs. wild salmonid escapement estimates, run reconstruction, and make forecasts used in fisheries management for both non-tribal recreational and tribal commercial gillnet fisheries.

The optimal applicant has a professional and courteous attitude and enjoys interacting with the public.

We are seeking a candidate who respects and values the opinions of others, creating an inclusive environment where every member feels they contribute value to the project and WDFW.

Our Science Technician 2, 

-Observes, identifies, and counts live and dead salmon/steelhead.  
-Conducts surveys by foot, raft and/or pontoon boat during all weather conditions and over difficult terrain. 
-Identifies, enumerates, and accounts Redds.
-Collects biological data (scales, sex, lengths, mark status, CWTs, otoliths, and DNA) on dead fish in-stream.  
-Samples Coho and Chinook salmon with electronic coded-wire tags (CWT) detection devices.
-Classifies, sorts, and enumerates marked tagged, marked untagged, unmarked tagged and unmarked untagged salmon. 
-Enumerates and monitors wild Coastal Cutthroat Trout redds including live and dead counts within index reaches of South Puget Sound.
-Summarizes data for media use and fishery updates.
-Maintains and repairs gear, equipment, and vehicle.


Work Setting, including hazards: 
-Work is primarily field work alone or with other technicians and biologists in a wide variety of terrain, stream, and all-weather conditions. 
-Field work can be strenuous while walking in or along streams with slick boulders, crawling over logjams, wading across riffles with moderate to fast current, maneuvering watercraft, and maneuvering equipment upwards to or greater than 40 pounds.

-40 hours per week - workdays and hours are determined by weather, stream flows, visibility, and degree of spawning activity. 
-A flexible hourly and daily work schedule is needed to perform the assigned tasks. 
-Weekends and holidays are included as potential workdays.

Travel Requirements: 
-Driving state-owned vehicle to and from surveyed stream reaches on both highway and off-road conditions.

Tools and Equipment: 
-Truck, raft, pontoon boat, GPS, maps, radio, electronic sampling equipment, weighing scale, cell phone, calculator, computer, waders, rubber boots, raingear, equipment holsters, personal floatation devises (PFD), agency identifying clothing, knives, machetes, hand saws and loppers.

Customer Interactions: 
-Communication with landowners, sport fishers, and the general public.