Summer Camp Assistant Teacher

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Monday, July 4, 2022, 10:00am



Seattle, WA
United States

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Job Description:

This is an enjoyable summer camp opportunity ideal for teachers or college students with background and interest in ecology, elementary teaching, theater, PE, dance, or arts background in a stunning location conveniently located in the middle of the city. Our low student: teacher ratios and half day schedule allow you to bring your very best to kids who are excited to be there. 


Program Mission

True Nature Kids’ mission is to support children to:
    - Nurture a sense of wonder;
    - Develop a positive and life-affirming sense of self;
    - Realize their full potential;
    - Connect with and learn about place; and
    - Create healthy and mutually supportive relationships, with people and with the natural world. 

We do this through programs that give children the opportunity to learn, be, play, and explore together in our local woodland habitat & city parks.

Description of True Nature Kids Programs

In all our programs, we deepen our connection to place and build friendships by spending quality time together and engaging our senses in the forest and park. We run through meadows, lay on the forest floor, play and invent games, observe and learn from plants and animals, discover special places, build shelters together, and get our hands in the mud.

At True Nature, children may have the unique opportunity to be exposed to some of the most ancient outdoor skills of the human race: basket weaving, wild edible and medicinal plant knowledge, using tools, working with wool and animal skins, and lots more!

These tactile & hands-on experiences are grounded in a philosophy of process-oriented learning (the experience of learning is more important than the outcome or product created) and a goal of prioritizing the child's emotional and social development and awareness.

We offer a safe environment within which children can explore their interests and pursue what they are drawn to, with a deep commitment to outdoor experience and all things hands-on. Influences on our approach include: emergent curriculum, the Project Approach, Anji Play, and the forest schools & waldkindergartens of Norway, Britain, Denmark, & Germany. The activities we do on a given day are often born out of a combination of teachers’ and children's interests & responses to the natural & social environment. (This is supported by a teacher: student ratio of 1:7 or better.)

Children will be encouraged to participate and try new things but not forced to do anything. There is a balance between guided activities that expose children to new possibilities and spontaneous pursuit of what children are interested in. The role of the teacher is one of a facilitator who ensures everyone's safety and health as well as feeds and expands upon children's learning.

Seasonal Camps Description

At True Nature Kids, we connect with place and each other through experiencing the outdoors and our senses in new and different ways: blindfold walks, camouflage games, magnifying lenses, micro-hikes, scent trails, and more. We learn by physically and emotionally changing our perspective, imagining and "trying on" how different people or creatures experience the environment and exploring "what if" questions and storytelling together. Mornings include opportunities for mixed-media creative work and children may also have the opportunity for supervised tool work.

For more information and photographs, please see our Facebook page:

OR our registration portal on 6Crickets: 

Job Purpose

The Assistant Teacher works closely with the Lead Teacher to mentor children in the Summer Camp Program and deliver a loving, engaging, safe, and developmentally appropriate experience as well as form positive relationships with families. Assistant teacher collaborates with Lead Teacher on preparation, weekly summer camp program delivery, and reflection duties.

Job Duties

Program/Teaching Support (8-9 hours/week):

  • Arrive prior to the start of the program to help set up, clean and survey the site, and prep materials for the day. Stay after the end of the program to help clean up. (1 hour/day)
  • Meet with Lead Teacher & Director one afternoon per week for reflection and prep (3-4 hrs/week)

Daily Program Delivery (approx. 25 hours/week):

  • Support Lead Teacher to implement program curriculum and day-to-day activities.
  • Collaborate with Lead Teacher to greet children and their families, make sure parents sign in and out, and conduct daily health screenings.
  • Work alongside Lead Teacher to ensure children’s physical, emotional, and social well-being and safety in an all-weather outdoor environment.
  • Conduct health and safety operations, including cleaning and sanitizing on a regular basis.
  • Develop positive, nurturing relationships with children and their families.
  • Demonstrate integrity and maturity in all program interactions.
  • Communicate kindly and effectively with children, teachers, administrators, and parents.
  • Help provide direction and guidance to volunteers, interns, and any special guests.
  • Pick up or prepare supplies and materials (such as library books, extra snacks, etc). (All purchases for program use are reimbursable.)
  • Observe children and self for reflection. Engage weekly in meaningful reflection on teaching practice for professional growth and program evaluation.
  • May occasionally speak with members of the public to answer their questions or reinforce safety guidelines.


Required Qualifications:

  • High School Diploma
  • Be at least 18 years of age and clear a background check through MERIT registry
  • Prior experience working with young children
  • Prior experience working outdoors for long periods
  • First Aid/CPR Training (complete by July 5)
  • Mandatory Reporter Training (complete by July 5)
  • Child Care Basics Training (complete by July 5)

Desired Qualifications:

  • Outdoor Summer Camps
  • ​Multilingual, Bilingual
  • Inclusive/Anti-Bias Education, Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Pacific Northwest Ecology
  • Physical Education, Games
  • Dance, Music, Arts
  • Theater & Improvisation
  • Ancestral, Wilderness, Outdoor Skills
  • Positive Discipline or other similarly-minded social-emotional curricula
  • Forest School and Forest School Principles
  • Anji Play or Te Whariki Curricula
  • Reflective Practice Pedagogy

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Working Conditions

  • General knowledge of children’s needs and development for this age group (5-11 years old).
  • Avid life-long learner.
  • Knowledge of or desire to learn skills to be taught to the kids (use of tools, crafts, local ecology, etc).
  • Comfortable working outdoors in all weather for extended periods of time; ability to convey enthusiasm, confidence, and skill to children regarding being outside in all weather.
  • Physical health, coordination, and fitness level sufficient for carrying a 30-pound backpack up and down trails with stairs, and playing games that require running.
  • Assist with carrying out emergency procedures in the event of an emergency.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Strong teamwork and communication skills.

Salary and Benefits

The Assistant Teacher will earn $18-23/hr, depending on experience, paid every other week. This is a non-exempt position.

Additional benefits include:

  • Paid Sick Leave and Workers Compensation

Job Dates and Schedule

Estimated Start Date June 22, 2022

Summer Camps run from July 5 through August 20. This is a seasonal position continuing for 6-8 weeks (June 23 through August 20), with potential to continue with seasonal camps or after-school programs during the school year. We strongly prefer candidates who can commit to working the full duration of camp.

Schedule: 8:30am-1:30pm Monday through Friday with an additional 3-4 hour meeting one afternoon per week for reflection/planning/prep per week TBD in coordination with Lead Teacher & Director.

Hours: 28-29 hrs/week

Reports to: Director

How to Apply:

Please send resume and letter of interest to