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Job Description:

Title: Teacher

Reports to: Lead Teacher and Executive Director

Duty: El Portal, CA or Yosemite Valley, CA


Hold a certificate of completion of California Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training, a current CPR and First Aid card, and pass background check as per Title 22

Possess a working knowledge of childcare practices and early childhood development

Proficient in writing, listening and oral communication skills

Reports to/communicates with the Lead Teacher in regards to the following points.

Ability to demonstrate and maintain confidentiality, exercise wisdom, reason and patience, and make independent decisions within the scope of the position.

Ability to maintain a professional and friendly demeanor with staff , children and parents.

Ability to be empathetic and responsive to the concerns and needs of parents, guardians, children and staff within the scope of YNPCCC’s mission, policies, procedures, capabilities and Title 22 Health and Safety Regulations.


Position Summary:

The teacher position is responsible for the care, enrichment and learning in the classrooms and playground, and general supervision of the children in the facility. He or she is responsible for maintaining and encouraging a caring and loving environment and ongoing safety of the children. While working with the Lead Teachers, Teachers will also help to provide input on the planning of age appropriate activities based on YNPCCC’s Curriculum Matrix that promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of each child.


The Teacher will:

Adhere to all YNPCCC General Policies and Procedures, Personnel Handbook, (Parent) Handbook and Health and Safety Requirements as stated in Title 22.

Will report to/ communicate with the Lead Teacher with any questions or concerns regarding the safety, health, wellbeing, growth, development, etc, of the children.

Lead and encourage teamwork, and promote consistency among children, including the full scope of learning activities, snack and lunch protocol and playtime. Help to provide balanced early learning environment that utilize auditory, visual, tactile, and oral approaches; including but not limited to: art, language, math, eye-hand activities, music and movement, science, and role-play.

Lead children in modeling the best behavior and kindness to others while interacting with each other in a fun, learning environment.  

Help the children through multiple transition periods during the day.

Help to provide constant communication to fellow staff members as the status of children in the facility.

Help to provide daily communication to parents/guardians.

In collaboration with the Lead Teacher and Executive Director will report/lead actions regarding: Suspicious persons or behaviors near the grounds/facility, evacuation, suspected child abuse, severe and/or life-threatening injury to staff or children.

Must be able to lift or hold up to at least 50 lbs at any time.

Other duties as assigned.

How to Apply:

Please send your resume, cover letter and references to ynpchildcare@gmail.com.