Teen Programs Supervisor

The deadline for this job has passed and it is not visible on the eePRO Jobs page.

Deadline to Apply:

Friday, September 30, 2016, 3:00pm



Houston, TX
United States

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Job Type:


Job Description:

  • Encourages and models the core values of the Houston Zoo through leadership, program development and implementation.
  • Supervises, evaluates and mentors staff that assist with teen programming.
  • Communicates effectively with the team, all Zoo departments, teens and their families.
  • Oversee and support development, implementation and evaluation of all teen programming.
  • Work with staff to prepare annual budgets and manage the monthly teen program budget.
  • Create and update operational and safety protocols for all teen programs.
  • Create and update a teen program manual including clear behavior expectations for teens and their families.
  • Develop ways for teens to engage our public in HZI Take Action Initiatives.
  • Develop and maintain programming that connects teens to professionals that strengthen their career skills.
  • Assist in marketing and promotion of teen programs.
  • Assist in setting long-term goals and measurable objectives for teen programs.
  • Implement domestic and international travel programs to connect teens with our field conservation partners.
  • Create programs that build a relationship with teens, the Houston Zoo and our partners.
  • Required to work some holidays, weekends, and evenings as needed, and performs other duties as requested.
  • Required to be able to travel outside of the United States with a current and valid passport.


  • Bachelor’s degree in education, outdoor recreation, biological sciences or a related field is required. At least two years of experience developing and managing program budgets and developing programs. Ability to read, write and speak Spanish is desired.


Minimum of three years’ experience in an informal education setting required, and at least one of those years MUST have included a leadership position. Proven experience in the development and implementation of informal education programs. Strong instructional and communication skills. At least two years’ experiences working with teenagers 13-17 years of age. Proven partnering skills and ability to work in a team-based environment. Demonstrated passion for learning and wildlife conservation. Animal handling experience a plus.  Current Wilderness First Responder and/or Wilderness First Aid certification required at time of application.


Supervises staff that will assist with teen programming.


This position involves routine lifting of moderately heavy items such as record boxes (up to 40 pounds) and/or long periods of walking on rough surfaces on a routine basis.


There are routine discomforts from exposure to moderate heat, cold, moisture/wetness and unpleasant air conditions.  The position may involve routine exposure to soiled materials and light chemical substances such as cleaning solutions.


Requires the ability to make closely coordinated eye/hand movements within very fine tolerance and/or calibration demands, the ability to make rapid closely coordinated eye/hand movements on a patterned response space within somewhat fine tolerance demands, and the ability to make coordinated eye/hand movements within fine tolerances with large equipment as an extension of the worker.  A valid Texas driver’s license required.


Requires heavy public contact requiring considerable interpersonal skill; extensive interaction with the public and with donors, members and the press; and requires a high degree of appreciation of customer service.

How to Apply:

Submit resume and cover letter along with the following materials:

  • Write a 1-page proposal for an activity that teens could do on Zoo grounds for the general public that gets across the message of taking action to recycle paper.
  • Develop a detailed outline of a trip you would lead with 10 teenagers to a Texas natural area. 

Applicants can visit www.houstonzoo.org/careers to download an application

E-mail resume and completed application to careers@houstonzoo.org

Houston Zoo is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer