Urban Outdoor Fellow

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Deadline to Apply:

Monday, August 21, 2017, 5:00pm


Lancaster, PA
United States

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Job Description:

Position Summary:

The Urban Outdoor Fellow will work in an urban community for a 24-month time period.  The Fellow will be engaged in identifying the specific challenges faced by the local recreation providers in delivering programming to underrepresented/underserved populations.  The Fellow will establish stakeholder connections through meetings with appropriate partners, identifying expertise in outdoor programming and opportunities while promoting and encouraging the sharing of resources to facilitate underrepresented, underserved urban children, youth and young adults.

Another aspect of the Fellow’s community outreach may include conducting focus groups and/or other avenues to engage with children, youth and young adults to determine their interests, needs and issues related to engaging with the outdoors, participation in existing programs, etc.  Based on the results of this information gathering, the Fellow will work with the city and its partners to develop a strategic plan for the community and surrounding county.  It is expected that gaps, roles and expansion of services related to the delivery of outdoor recreation programming and engagement will be defined. 

The Urban Outdoor Fellow will also be responsible for training internal and external staff members on outdoor programming in a “train-the-trainer” structure.  It is expected that there may be times when the Fellow will provide direct programming for children, youth and young adults in the community, but a primary focus will be on trainer-level education.

Program Position Details:

This is a full-time, temporary position, limited to two years

40-hour work week with occasional evenings and weekends

Annual salary - Year #1 - $48,000; Year #2 - $52,000

Benefit package included (health and prescription insurance) - Valued between $13,500 - 15,000

Some travel required, must own vehicle, and have valid PA driver’s license

Must pass background check and obtain all necessary security clearances

This two-year position will be funded in part through a PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources Grant, provided to the Lancaster Recreation Commission and managed by the Bureau of Recreation and Conservation.

Primary Job Location:

Lancaster Recreation Commission - Lancaster City

525 Fairview Avenue

Lancaster, PA  17603

The Urban Outdoor Fellow will be expected to travel and work out of various location across the city as well as in neighboring facilities, regional and county parks, etc.  Flexibility to adjust programming locations is based on the work to be accomplished, such as conducting community meetings, focus groups, attending meetings and/or providing programs.

Goals of Program:

During these two years, the Urban Outdoor Fellow will help advance a model of cooperation, develop and deliver outdoor education curriculum and programs, build partnerships, teach community adults about Outdoor/Environmental Education and how to deliver programs, as well as, provide direct outdoor education programming to children and youth in the community.It is anticipated that these successes will shared with other urban areas across the Commonwealth.

The Urban Outdoor Fellow will expand opportunities for urban, underserved populations to engage in outdoor activities by providing training and increased programming opportunities for both city and county recreation departments, community organizations and others providing direct services to children and youth.

The Urban Outdoor Fellow will develop and foster a stewardship ethic in urban/underserved children and youth within the city, county and state parks/forests.

The Urban Outdoor Fellow will identify and create long-term funding partners, programming connections and opportunities amongst all recreational providers - city, community non-profits, county, and state parks/forest areas.

Job Description

Assess current Lancaster Recreation Commission and County recreational and environmental education programming offerings and opportunities.

Assess community partners, local programming, community opportunities, inventory of facilities and physical sites suitable for programming, etc.To include: non-profit, for profit, and all levels of municipal/government sponsored opportunities.

Assess and engage community funding partners and resources.

Develop a strategic plan with professionals and partners for the community to address short-falls, disconnects and gaps in service to urban populations in underserved communities.

Engage and connect with youth and adult community members to highlight existing and new science and outdoor recreational programs.

Teach and expand outdoor education opportunities through existing community recreation providers within the city, county, and state parks/forests to adults and youth.

Develop new environmental education curriculum and provide training and outdoor education programs directly to urban youth and adults in community organizations.

Introduce and develop three tiers of outdoor experiences:

Within the confines of the city (utilize and engage with the outdoors in local community parks, pocket parks, open space, etc.).

Expand outdoor opportunities and experiences to nearby, more natural outdoor settings, such as in county park facilities, environmental/nature centers and preserves.

Move toward the use of more open, natural settings such as adjacent state parks and state forest areas.


Minimum of a Bachelor of Science degree, with 3-5 years of working experience in providing environmental education, conservation and/or outdoor recreation programming and/or other related fields in biology, community engagement/partnerships or health sciences

Experience speaking in large group settings and facilitating work groups, focus groups and meetings

Effective communicator, both written and orally. Documentation of work and reports will be required, throughout the life of this program

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office products and other computer software

Self-motivated and able to work independently with limited supervision

High-level organization skills

Have lived or are living in an urban area

English/Spanish bilingual abilities, preferred

How to Apply:

Complete and Submit the Following Items Electronically to UrbanOutdoorFellow@gmail.com :


Cover Letter

Lancaster Recreation Commission Application; attached


Contact Information for 3 Professional References

Transcript (if recent graduate)

Experience Essay (addressing the following items with a limit of 1 page per item):


Provide information about your recent programming experiences with Outdoor/Environmental Education within the last 1-3 years. Include information about the programs, population, ages of participants, etc. Evaluate the success of the programs and how you may want to modify them next time.


Provide your recent experiences working within community systems and with community partnerships. Identify the community where you worked, your role, the purpose of the community engagement, etc. List the goals of the project, list the agencies and results of the work.