U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Internships 2021

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Manteo, NC
United States

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A few goals achieved in a successful USFWS Internship:

1. You will learn and gain field experience in bio work, such as bird nest protection, banding and surveys, turtle patrol, and turtle nest monitoring, just to name a few..

2. You will successfully lead public educational programs and become more comfortable in the Interpretation role.

3. You will learn to safely use appropriate maintenance equipment for bio and refuge work, i.e.  ATV training, tractor /mower / hand tools, use herbicides for invasive plants.

4. You will follow USFWS policy and work (as a new hire would) in abiding by these regulations and working with refuge staff and other volunteers in a professional manner.

5. All of this will help you in learning more about your chosen field of work and about yourself, to help guide you in your decisions about future career goals. 

How to Apply:

To apply, please email a cover letter with interest and dates available, your resume and three references with email contact information to tracey_rock@fws.gov

We look forward to hearing from you.