Global Field Expeditions for Educators and Students


Hours for Learning Activity:

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Offers international field studies and service learning opportunities for students and student groups. Professional development for educators, zoos, museums, and other non-profits. 

Student Global Field Studies

Customized Short-Course Field Studies designed for the student learners ranging from middle school to graduate studies offering:

• Interdisciplinary Studies
• Investigative Field Studies 
• Adventure-Based Learning
• Global Service Learning

Each program is hand-crafted to the instructor’s interests, student budget and dates for travel. Choose a location below and begin the journey!

Educator Programs

  • Earn Graduate credit * through Weber State University.
  • Improve your content area knowledge and invigorate your passion for your subject areas as you participate in field workshops in the field.
  • Develop new lesson plans and teaching strategies to interest and inspire your students.
  • Gain new insights into active learning strategies and authentic assessment approaches.
  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues from throughout the United States and build international partnerships.
  • Promote personal growth through new experiences.
  • Immerse yourself in a different ecosystem and culture.

*We can also help you attain other types of credit that may be available to you including Continuing Education Credits (CEU's)/Staff Development Credits, credit toward required re-certification, Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) requirements, or credit to move up on your salary guide.