Introducing Florida Tech’s REU Site: Statistical Models with Applications to Geoscience (SMAG)


The Florida Tech SMAG REU is designed to help participants develop and apply basic statistical and research skills to problems related to climate change. Participants will work on a research project in one of four areas: (a) the impact of climate change on glaciers; (b) sea level rise projections and modeling; (c) the impact of climate change on ciguatera in Florida and the Caribbean; and (d) the impact of benthic communities on water filtration in coastal estuaries. Through both mentoring and workshops, participants will be exposed to simple statistical analysis and computational methods, and with opportunities to improve their writing and communication skills, enhance their critical thinking, and encourage self-sufficiency. 

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Faculty and students who have questions should contact Dr. Nezamoddini-Kachouie ( or Dr. Marcinkowski ( Further, we will schedule Zoom meetings with interested faculty and students to discuss this opportunity. Ultimately, we look forward to receiving applications from interested students.