Mosaic Movement Infrastructure RFP – Open Now!


Mosaic is a national initiative strengthening field-wide movement infrastructure that supports people working to ensure clean air and water, a safe climate, healthy and just communities for all, and protection of our natural heritage. By bolstering connections and shared resources across the environmental field—communications, advocacy tools, training, leadership development, and more—Mosaic seeks to enable a more connected, powerful, just and inclusive environmental movement. To work towards this vision, Mosaic has launched an open $3 million RFP to seek project ideas that advance six areas of field-wide movement infrastructure. Grants will be made to support tools or resources that will be shared by and benefit multiple organizations or people.

A diverse governance body that includes a super-majority of NGO and grassroots representatives, working together with funder participants, leads Mosaic and will make grant decisions. Mosaic is committed to contributing to building a more connected, effective, inclusive & just environmental movement by directing significant resources to BIPOC, low-income, Women, Queer, Gender Non-Conforming, environmental justice and other socially & economically disadvantaged movement members. For more information on Mosaic’s commitment to justice, diversity, equity & inclusion, please see here.

How to apply/register:

Applications for this RFP are open through Friday October 23rd at 11:59 pm PST. For specific questions about the RFP, please email