Nordic Outdoor Model of Education (NOME) Study Tours


Welcome to the land of legends and the birthplace of the concepts of Forest Kindergarten, Forest School, Adventure Playgrounds and now Udeskole! ​Outside the box, Outside the walls!

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With N.O.M.E. we are exploring multiple facets of Nordic Outdoor Model of Education and forest kindergartens are a part of the overall picture we are trying to convey. On this tour we will visit Forest Kindergartens, Adventure Playgrounds, natural playscapes, along with Udeskole and Friluftsliv environments demonstrating the cultural underpinnings of the Nordic Model of N.O.M.E. so your can understand how this translates from the early years to primary years upwards to the society as a whole. ​

The Study Tours are geared towards educators, policy makers and change makers who wish to make a difference in the lives of children. 

In the Nordic school environments their main focus is on preserving and enhancing the child's experience, so allowing visits is a rare and special privilege arranged through our relationships and history with the local population. That is why we keep our tours small and unobtrusive as possible for the sake of the children.