Seeking Professors/Experts to Participate in Conferences in China

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Billy Wilson Flickr

The enviornmental problems in China are well known throughout the world and changes must be made to reverse the damage that has been done.  The first step to meaningful change is educating the people about the problems that exist and to begin to find ways to fix it.  At GATE, our goal is to improve the standard of sustainability and green education in Chinese higher education.  GATE has been tasked with carrying out the 100-100 Plan by China's Ministry of Education. This plan seeks to pair 100 American universities and institutions with 100 Chinese universities with the goal of progressing sustainability education globally.  GATE will be holding forums at Chinese universities partcipating in the program.  At these forums we hope visiting experts can share ideas and inspire their Chinese counterparts to innovate, helping to progress sustainability and green education in China and the world. 

All expenses will be covered by GATE and compensation will also be given for participating.

If interested or you would like to know more, please contact me at this email address:

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