Traveling Workshops Program (TWP)



The TWP is for any institution, department, or program that is:

  • Preparing for re-accreditation, undergoing program review, or seeking guidance on strategic planning
  • Facing reorganization or other major changes such as faculty turnover
  • In need of curriculum modernization, including the incorporation of modern methods of teaching and learning
  • Trying to incorporate environment and sustainability into the curriculum
  • Anticipating major student demographic changes
  • Involved in preparing K-8 teachers
  • Seeking faculty member guidance in evidence-based approaches to teaching and learning
  • How does the Traveling Workshops Program work?

The TWP brings leaders in environmental, sustainability, and geoscience education right to your campus, regional, or national event. The workshops are facilitated by individuals from an impressive roster of more than 45 leaders in their fields. Workshops are available in six themes:

  • Building Stronger Geoscience and Environmental Science Departments and Programs
  • Strengthening your Cross-campus Environmental and Sustainability Programs
  • Strengthening Earth Science in Teacher Education
  • Supporting the Success of All Students
  • Strengthening Your Intro or Upper-Division Course
  • Making Your Course More Effective and Societally Relevant

At the completion of the workshop, participants will be equipped with:

  • Peer-tested strategies and approaches
  • A collection of department best-practices, curricula, courses, modules, and activities
  • Departmental, program, or individual action plans for moving forward


How to apply/register:

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Mitchell Awalt

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