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Monica Watkins

About Me

I am an ecologist and educator, working primarily in public outreach related to plant conservation, sustainability and southeastern ecosystems. My research interests are in nature play, science literacy, biodiversity, and disturbance. I want to connect with others who have similar jobs/interests.


  • Biodiversity
  • Citizen Science
  • Climate
  • Climate Change
  • Conservation
  • Ecosystems
  • Environmental Literacy
  • Forestry
  • Green Schools
  • Habitat
  • Health
  • Natural Resources
  • Nature
  • Outdoor Activity
  • Service Learning
  • STEM
  • Sustainability


  • Early Childhood
  • Educator
  • EE Professional
  • Higher Education
  • K-12 Educator
  • Member
  • Nonformal Educator

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Arboretum Director

The University of Alabama Arboretum

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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