Defining the Chaperone’s Role as Escort, Educator or Parent

TitleDefining the Chaperone’s Role as Escort, Educator or Parent
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsWood, E
JournalVisitor Studies
Pagination160 - 174
Date Published2010///

The concept of family learning in museums emphasizes the interaction between related adults and children through the process of free-choice learning. The complexity of family learning in the context of school visits presents new questions for museum staff on the role of chaperones and the extent to which chaperone-led groups might function as family units. Do chaperones operate as escorts, educators, or parents on a museum field trip? This article provides a brief overview of existing field trip and chaperone research findings, raises some critical questions on the role of parents as chaperones, and describes the results from a study on chaperone behavior in the museum. Results from observations of 289 chaperones in a children's museum setting suggest that chaperone behavior is not necessarily influenced by exhibition context, but parents and chaperones do differ in preferred family learning interactions with children in museum exhibitions.



United States