The effect of eco-schools on children's environmental values and behaviour

TitleThe effect of eco-schools on children's environmental values and behaviour
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBoeve-de Pauw, J, Van Petegem, P
JournalJournal of Biological Education
Pagination96 - 103
Date Published2013/01/01/
ISBN Number0021-9266
KeywordsAWB2, Belgium, children, Economic Status, environmental education, evaluation, Foreign Countries, Found in search, Include2, NEWR, Outcomes of Education, Predictor Variables, Reviewed, Reviewed2, values
AbstractThe study examines the effectiveness of eco-schools concerning their students' environmental values and environmental behaviour, and includes 1287 children from fifty-nine schools (thirty-eight eco-schools and twenty-one control schools) in Flanders. Controlling for effects of gender and socio-economic status, analyses show that eco-schools have no effect on the environmental behaviour of their students or on their preservation values. Eco-school students do, however, show lower utilisation values than control school students. Results furthermore indicate that preservation values and not utilisation values impact environmental behaviour. Eco-schools thus seem to be applying a pedagogical approach that impacts only on utilisation values but through that fails to affect their students' preservation values and, with those, their environmental behaviour. Directions for future research are suggested. (Contains 2 tables.)
Short TitleJournal of Biological Education