Emotional Responses to Environmental Messages and Future Behavioral Intentions

TitleEmotional Responses to Environmental Messages and Future Behavioral Intentions
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2011
AuthorsPerrin, JL
JournalApplied Environmental Education & Communication
Pagination146 - 157
Date Published2011/07/01/
ISBN Number1533-015X
AbstractThe present research investigated effects of message framing (losses-framed or gains-framed), message modality (video with text or text-only) and emotional arousal on environmentally responsible behavioral intentions. The sample consisted of 161 college students. The present research did not find a significant difference in behavioral intentions between the losses-framed and gains-framed groups. Results suggest a significantly higher environmentally responsible behavioral intent in the video group than in the text-only group. Results from the correlational analyses showed a reliable relation between emotional arousal and environmentally responsible behavioral intentions. Practical and theoretical implications are discussed.