ENERGY BUSTERS Norfolk Schools Fight Climate Change

TitleENERGY BUSTERS Norfolk Schools Fight Climate Change
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsLeigh, K
JournalEnvironmental Education
Pagination13 - 14
Date Published2009///Summer
ISBN Number03098451
Keywords*Original 959, 1RRP, 2WAC, EKE, Clare, elementary schools, energy conservation, England, GREAT Britain, GREAT Britain. National Trust, High Schools, Include, Include RRP, Include WAC, NORFOLK (England), R1 FINAL INCLUDE, Round1 Include, Round2 Include AWB, Round2 Include WAC, SCHOOLS -- Environmental aspects
AbstractThe article focuses on the Energy Outreach Programme called "Energy Busters" of the National Trust's Brancaster Millennium Activity Centre in Norfolk, England. The programme piloted in 2005 involves the participation of primary and secondary schools in Norfolk and aims to reduce energy use in schools and to save money. It mentions that Outreach Education Officer Clare Eke is satisfied with the results wherein participating schools had stated they would recommend the initiative to colleagues.
Short TitleEnvironmental Education