Establishing Measurement Criteria for an Energy Literacy Questionnaire

TitleEstablishing Measurement Criteria for an Energy Literacy Questionnaire
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsDeWaters, J, Powers, S
JournalThe Journal of Environmental Education
Pagination38 - 55
Date Published2013/01/01/
ISBN Number0095-8964
Keywordsenergy education, energy literacy, energy questionnaire, measurement criteria
AbstractEnergy literacy is a broad term encompassing content knowledge as well as a citizenship understanding of energy that includes affective and behavioral aspects. This article presents explicit criteria that will serve as a foundation for developing measurable objectives for energy literacy in three dimensions: cognitive (knowledge, cognitive skills), affective (attitude, values, personal responsibility); and behavioral. The outcome of this research is a framework from which a quantitative survey of energy literacy for secondary students in New York State, United States, can be created. Efforts supported by this research may help assess the broader impacts of educational programs in terms of their effectiveness for improving students’ energy literacy.