Exploring the role and value of creativity in education for sustainability

TitleExploring the role and value of creativity in education for sustainability
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsSandri, OJade
JournalEnvironmental Education Research
Pagination765 - 778
Date Published2013/12/01/
ISBN Number1350-4622
Keywordscompetencies, creativity, education for sustainable development, graduates, skills
AbstractCreativity, innovation and divergent thinking are routinely expected to help people envision and implement alternative practices to the status quo. However, these do not feature strongly in the literature on education for sustainability in higher education (HE), and especially graduate competencies or capabilities for sustainability. The paper makes the case for the importance of creativity in education for sustainability (EfS), and argues that innovation is at the heart of moving societies towards more sustainable paths. In other words, creativity is an essential part of learning for sustainability. A critical perspective is offered, by highlighting the effects of the theoretical roots of sustainability and environmental education in the ecological sciences, the traditional and still dominant construction of learning and teaching in HE and EfS, and the challenges and rewards that supporting creativity presents for learners and teachers in this field.