Helping young students to better pose an environmental problem

TitleHelping young students to better pose an environmental problem
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsPruneau, D, Freiman, V, Barbier, P-Y, Langis, J
JournalApplied Environmental Education & Communication
Pagination105 - 113
Date Published2009/01/01/
ISBN Number1533-015X
KeywordsAWB, AWB3, environmental education, Grade 3, Include3, Interviews, Models, NCH2, Problem Solving, Questionnaires, Reviewed, Reviewed2, Reviewed3, Scientific Concepts, Scientists, sustainable development

Grade 3 students were asked to solve a sedimentation problem in a local river. With scientists, students explored many aspects of the problem and proposed solutions. Graphic representation tools were used to help students to better pose the problem. Using questionnaires and interviews, researchers observed students' capacity to pose the problem and their solutions before and after the use of the representation tools. Even if environmental problems are complex and ill-structured, the young students made progress toward more coherent representations and better solutions. Representation and problem-solving strategies to improve children's capacity to better pose a problem are suggested. (Contains 1 table and 2 figures.)

Short TitleApplied Environmental Education and Communication


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