Imagination and the Cognitive Tools of Place-Making

TitleImagination and the Cognitive Tools of Place-Making
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsFettes, M, Judson, G
JournalThe Journal of Environmental Education
Pagination123 - 135
Date Published2010/12/22/
ISBN Number0095-8964
Keywordsimagination, imaginative education, place-based education, place-making, sense of place
AbstractIn environmental and ecological education, a rich literature builds on the premise that place, the local natural context in which one lives, can be an emotionally engaging context for learning and the source of life-long concern for nature. A theory of imaginative education can help uncover new tools and strategies for place-based educators. Conversely, a focus on the imaginative dimensions of place-making sheds new light on the nature of imaginative development, with important implications for educational theory and practice.