Memories as Useful Outcomes of Residential Outdoor Environmental Education

TitleMemories as Useful Outcomes of Residential Outdoor Environmental Education
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLiddicoat, KR, Krasny, ME
JournalThe Journal of Environmental Education
Pagination178 - 193
Date Published2014/07/03/
ISBN Number0095-8964
Keywordsautobiographical memory, memory use, outdoor education, residential environmental education
AbstractResidential outdoor environmental education (ROEE) programs for youth have been shown to yield lasting autobiographical episodic memories. This article explores how past program participants have used such memories, and draws on the memory psychology literature to offer a new perspective on the long-term impacts of environmental education. Qualitative interviews with 54 teens at two research sites 5 years after a ROEE experience revealed a variety of directive and social uses for their memories, including participating in outdoor recreation activities, being more knowledgeable about and appreciative of the local ecology, engaging in environmentally responsible behaviors, and reminiscing with friends about the experience.